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[OKU-SIZ column ⑩] Traditional dance "noh dance" (kagura) to color Festivals of prayer - autumn of mountain village―

Season of autumn festival came over!

It is traditional dance "noh dance" to color autumn festival in OKU-SIZ.







In the Abe River, the Warashina River, the Seto River, mountain village of each Oi River basin,

Noh dance with common characteristic be conveyed at some points,

As "noh dance of the Middle Shizuoka district,"

Choice cultural assets of countryIt becomes this.

※System that Agency for Cultural Affairs chooses "immaterial folk cultural assets which they should take record making" for


With noh dance, "Kanza" (kanza) "divine inspiration" is considered to be the etymology,

Of "sky Iwato" (with rock of rain) that the origin comes out to Japanese myth

We are said that there is for dance of amenouzume.


When did noh dance transmit to OKU-SIZ?

Unfortunately document about the origin is not left,

In Ikawa of Oi River best style part,

Billboard announcing a framework-raising ceremony of (1617) be left in 1617 when noh dance is written down,

Early in the Edo era,

It is thought that noh dance might be danced in OKU-SIZ.


As for the noh dance of OKU-SIZ, ceiling decoration and clothes of dance hand are very gorgeous,

From thing which dances in kind of dance alone to thing flying in eight people,

In addition, we attach mask and it is humorous and is full of variety including program to dance.

IMGP4845.JPG Copying 88.JPG



"Will we go to see noh dance from now on?"

We introduce some points of appreciation to all of you called this!

1 dance hand repeats the same conduct towards China and neighboring countries.



When we appreciate noh dance without knowing anything,

At first, ... that we can see all dances in the same way.

Noh dance repeats the same conduct basically towards China and neighboring countries.

This noh dance based on thought of five Yin and Yang (inyogogyo)

Because we are constructed,

We expel and cleanse north, south, east and west, central pentagon,

We are associated with being entertainment in hope of peace and security of village,

Invention every dance is seen in the inside repeating the same conduct.




As for the tool (called priest's implement) to have in the hand, as for sword and bow, the sacred staff with cut paper, various.

While finding difference every dance by all means,

In addition, while thinking about what kind of thought is put for conduct,

We think that what we appreciate is interesting.

Musical accompaniment of 2 noh dances is flute and drum.      

IMGP8283 (1280x851). jpg IMGP3822.JPG

IMGP9670.JPG IMGP4198 (1280x851). jpg

Tones of musical accompaniment that court musician plays are delicately different every program.

It is one that noh dance of OKU-SIZ features the richness of these tones.

We look at 3 ceiling decorations and die out and are enough!     

DSC04178.JPG DSC01260.JPG


As for ceiling decoration of Mai based on thought of five Yin and Yang,

We are colored by five colors of paper-cutting gorgeously.

As we are distributed to the audience as mascot in the last of Festivals,

Please appreciate one to permit of time till the last.


The dance that we added four to is interesting!    



By noh dance Uzu woman (is whirlpool), Ebisu, Oguro (Ebisu, Daikoku),

Ogre (similar), old man (old man)

A lot of dances to attach mask, and to play are seen.

From brave thing to thing with the funny exchanges,

Venue becomes one and can enjoy!

Let's enjoy interchange with person of 5 areas!

Thumbnail image of IMGP8052.JPG

IMGP2132 (800x530). jpg

It is a waste only by appreciating noh dance!

Place of Festivals is place of encounter.

Please enjoy interchange with openhearted local everybody.

As for the schedule of noh dance of each place, it is as follows.

Utogi noh dance

The date and time: Saturday, October 13 about 13:00 ...

Venue: Utogi gray mustache Shinto shrine, Utogi public hall

Ikawa noh dance

The date and time: Part of part, the afternoon of the morning of Saturday, November 3

Venue: Ikawa Shinto shrine

Kiyosawa noh dance

The date and time: It is 3 program degree in Sunday, November 11 Kiyosawa oldness and Festivals

Venue: Shizuoka City Kiyosawa elementary school

※There is no dedication of full-scale noh dance in Kiyosawa district this year.