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Congratulations!! World agriculture inheritance "traditional cultivation of Shizuoka water wasabi"

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO),

We authorized traditional wasabi cultivation of Shizuoka to world agriculture inheritance!

Utogi wasabi. JPG

We begin in the Edo era,

Was inherited ceaselessly by ancient people; came

Cultivation technology of wasabi,

It was detected from the world.

For us, we are proud!

Of course OKU-SIZ is authorized area, too.

Utogi of upper Abe River is the wasabi cultivation birthplace!

]Utogi wasabi field. JPG

Wasabi field of Utogi

In Utogi,

We buy wasabi product, and there is facility which eats, and is done!

Utogi utsurogi 2.jpg

Fabrication plant "utsurogi" of wasabi cultivation birthplace, Utogi

utsurogi product. JPG

Wasabi product of "utsurogi"


It is extreme popularity, rust meal in "utsurogi"!

At this opportunity, please visit!