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We hit shiitake piece with ribaueru Ikawa and hold lesson!

On Saturday, February 10, we hit shiitake piece with ribaueru Ikawa and hold lesson!

We drill a hole in log of co-Japanese oak and, in this Events, can experience "it is made with hoda tree" (raw wood) banging bacteria of shiitake on.

Work is very easy and is content that even child of primary schoolchild can enjoy enough!


Snow Festival is carried out in the venue on the day of the Events. Let's enjoy OKU-SIZ on the weekend♪

[on the date] Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 10:00 to 13:00

[holding place] ribaueru Ikawa skiing area

[participation fee]  One set of 500 yen (take-out of shiitake raw wood is possible)

       ※As for the Events participant, normal parking rate 520 yen becomes free.

[application] You list participant name, address, phone number, and please apply by postcard or FAX. (it must arrive by February 7)

       Address: 〒 421-1212 

          The second floor of the 538-11, Sendai, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi Shizuoka City forestry center 

          Mountains promotion section out of Shizuoka City government office

       FAX: 054-278-3908

Contact Person in charge of middle mountains promotion section forest, forestry (telephone 054-294-8807)

        ※As you may accept even call by the application situation, please feel free to contact.