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Takayama, civic forest festival (Takayama, Events of the tenth anniversary of the citizen's forest) holding!

We hold  Events of the tenth anniversary of the forest of Takayama, citizen! Various attractive contents including forest Marchais where shops selling workshop of forest to enjoy in parent and child, delicious dishes or pretty woodwork product line up

 In addition, we hold "Dutch oven experience as the eve in night forest" on Saturday, December 16. We can eat warm dishes while looking at night view of Shizuoka on the mountaintop. Grand Ping tent comes up, too!

Holding place Takayama, citizen's forest (Mizumiiro, Aoi-ku)  

It is 16:00~21:00 in forest night on the conduct date and time on Dutch oven experience Saturday, December 16
        ≪Entrance fee: One 500 yen, preschool child for free, application required

Takayama, civic forest festival    Sunday, December 17 10:00~16:00
≪No charge for admission, application is not necessary≫


We apply for Dutch oven experience in night forest: By Wednesday, December 6 by postcard to the following or FAX (majority lottery)

Entry: ①Full name, age ③ address, phone number of all event name ② participants in hope of participation
 We apply by postcard → Address: It is addressed to mountains promotion section out of 〒 421-1212 538-11, Sendai, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi Shizuoka City government office
 We apply by FAX → FAX number: It is addressed to mountains promotion section out of 054-278-3908 Shizuoka City government office
 Please contact middle mountains promotion section (054-294-8807) for any questions.