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On Sunday, October 28, we hold "Ikawa lake ferryboat Festivals ... colored leaves and kagura flute ... to enjoy on board"!

"Ikawa lake ferryboat Festivals" which held in summer, and was very popular.

It was decided to hold colored leaves in this season to be able to enjoy!


20181009080348-0001 .jpg

While hearing kagura flute,

Sight-seeing unhurried in Nature affecting Minami-Alps.

There is the experience Events "making of original can batch, too"!

Please go out!

The date: Sunday, October 28, 2018

The departure time: Every day 11:00 ..., 13:00 ..., 14:45 ... (approximately 45 minutes)

Meeting place: Ikawa Motomura ferryboat waiting for place

Capacity: Each 18 times (first-come-first-served basis)

Inquiry: Shizuoka City government office Ikawa branch 054-260-2211