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On Saturday, March 10, let's go to "Hatsuuma festival" (hatsuumasai) of Umegashima Nitta!

On Saturday, March 10,

Patron saint of Umegashima Nitta (Aoi-ku), festival "Hatsuuma festival" of Inari Shrine

It is performed.

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We are appointed in immaterial folk cultural assets of Shizuoka City

There is dedication of "noh dance", too!

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On the day, from about the daytime, 3 programs dedicate enlarged rooms on the second floor at festival of Inari Shrine,

chikidon which is strolling musician art peculiar to Nitta from about 3:00 p.m.,

It is past each house.

(640x426). where there is strolling musician art called chikidon jpg

At Umegashima northern part public hall which there is also in Nitta village from 7:00 at night

With pleasant entertainment, noh dance is shown.

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DSC06326 (640x426). jpg Noted product of Hatsuuma festival, seaman sub (640x426). jpg

"Come back only on Hatsuuma even if you do not return for tray New Year holidays!"

Festival "Hatsuuma festival" that people of Nitta inherited carefully so that this was said

While respecting tradition, of smile do not die out,

It is very warm festival.

Please go out!