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On Saturday, February 24, we finally hold OKU-SIZ convention market - potato Festival -!

Finally from Saturday, February 24 10:00 of the end of this week

※We postpone in case of rain on the next day

OKU-SIZ convention market - potato Festival tasting scenery―

We hold this!

norari shop. jpg norari shop 2.JPG

Simultaneous holding with grand performance of sacred music and dancing at the Ise Shrine festival 2018.

Processing place of OKU-SIZ each place,

Mainly on usual potato product,

With vaunted article in "osengensan"

We flock!

Comparing the tastes of convention potato of OKU-SIZ

(11:00 ..., 13:45 ..., 15:00 - plan),

When we answer questionnaire of grand performance of sacred music and dancing at the Ise Shrine festival,

Product of shizumae, OKU-SIZ performed collaboration

There is service (16:00 ...) of tuna stew, too!

orando. JPG

Please go out!

Each main product is as follows with person planning branch.

Village (orando miso-grill, teshamanku rice cake mixed with beans) of the Ikawa district Alps

Ikawa district norari shop (orando fly)

Tamakawa district ball yura (ball yuraman)

O-Kochi district utsurogi (new product, utsurogi grill, Utogi wasabi product)

Kiyosawa district kiyosawa village station (we dump wild boar croquette, mugwort kintsuba lemon)

Naka-Warashina district Mizumiiro carefree city (deep-fried stain stain konjac, croissant taiyaki)

Ryo-Gochi district agricultural corporation mirai (sale such as soba tea, other taro, konjac)

shunkawanomikuitoko notchi (with OKU-SIZ handicraft konjac! Root pork miso soup)

Tadashi (OKU-SIZ shiitake gyoza, seafood Yakisoba with sakura shrimp)

sengen teahouse (orando! Oden)

Ball yura ball yuraman. jpg utsurogi Utogi wasabi. JPG

kiyosawa Kiyosawa lemon product. JPG Is, and it is said auspicious decoration for gifts Kiyosawa; croquette. JPG