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About cancellation of comfortable school in ushizuma waterside

"Organizer meeting" formed in volunteers of Ushizuma district ran, and it was "comfort school of ushizuma waterside" where many people came over to every year, but holding in this year was called off taking the situation of new model coronavirus into consideration.

We would appreciate your understanding.

ushizuma comfort school s[1]. jpg

We sell on a qualified scale in particular in Ikawa famous confection "teshamanku monaka" Shizuoka Asama Shrine!

"Be crowded to teshamankuayakaru energy supplying mochi"

 It is Ikawa famous confection sharing hero "teshamanku" of Ikawa said to that we were able to exert power for five since the days of baby. We sell "teshamanku monaka" which we can purchase only in Ikawa on a qualified scale in particular in Shizuoka Asama Shrine.

 Liken monaka to "Ikawa mempa", and at opportunity closely this in "the teshamanku middle" stuffed with bean jam and rice cake by all means!

 [the sale date and time] Sunday, June 21, 2020 from 10:00 to 13:00 ※It is finished as soon as it is sold out

 [the sale number] 30 limited limited sale

 [price]   One (with six) 1,100 yen (tax-included)

 [sale place] Shizuoka Asama Shrine Shinto priest-purification shelter (old shrine office)

 We sell Asama side (shizumae) by "Teuchi soba tagata" and handmade mugwort tea of Ikawa as "Asama set" on that day. This is 50 meals of limitation. (you can have on the spot.)  ※It was called off by circumstances of organiser. Thank you for your understanding. (we carry out sale in the middle.)


※To arrived all of you

 You open interval with person nearby as much as possible, and, on shopping, meal, please enjoy. Action of one one of all of you protects your important person, important place.

 In hope of early end of coronavirus, please cooperate by action that thought about "our being able to do now".

 << Shizuoka City HP >> request to all of you for prevention of Information infection spread about new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19)

Announcement of Tamakawa sunflower Festivals cancellation

It was held in sunflower field of Katsurayama, and it was "Tamakawa sunflower Festivals" that you came toward the lot every year, but cancellation was decided taking the influence of new model coronavirus into consideration this year. We would appreciate your understanding.


"kiyosawa village station" interchange course - jagajaga experience-based - holding★

 Kiyosawa oldness and interchange facility are "kiyosawa village stations", and potato which we brought up in neighboring field digs, and experience is held!

 It is the outdoors, but we secure distance between participants and take preventive measures against infection spread of new coronavirus and carry out for relief, security.

 How about moving the body in OKU-SIZ for underexercised cancellation of at-home period?


 The date and time: From Sunday, June 7, 2020 9:00 a.m. ※Rain out

 Place: Kiyosawa oldness and interchange facility "kiyosawa village station" (200, Aimata, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi)

     Telephone 054-295-3783

 The number of people: 20 (first-come-first-served basis)

 Expense: 500 yen (more than kindergartener)

 Others: ①Please wear mask.

     ②Come in clothes which may become dirty. 


 ※For more details, please see this flyer.

Do you not drink tea in house? "# we shoot tea" campaign now being held!

The first picked tea of this year season came in OKU-SIZ, and season when tea was delicious did. It is announcement of campaign about such a tea this time.

"We hit #, and tea" campaign starts on Friday, April 24 as tea farmhouse, Chaya support plan.

When "hit #, and touch hashtag of tea", and post photograph, video about tea including state and tea plantation of teatime on SNS; is present in "roasting pack best among the Shizuoka City product first picked tea of this year" to the first 888! ← present was finished because of favorable reception.

※"Five bags of Shizuoka City product first picked tea of this year one roasting packs" present starts to 88 people from person who had contribution as the present second by lot from May 1! As period of present campaign becomes until Sunday, May 31, please participate.

The details, application method of campaign is http://uchi-ocha.net/ from this

Time to spend at home is apt to become long, how about when we drink tea in house and spend leisurely? Please post state of teatime in house♪

Hit flyer _; the tea _ second. jpg