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[OKU-SIZ column ⑮] - Kiyosawa lemon which tastes scenery―

We reached season of harvest of Kiyosawa lemon this year.

At local interchange facility "kiyosawa village station"

Local farming families

We carry lemon which we just harvested in sequence.

The kiyosawa village station appearance. JPG



We reach puberty vividly this year.



At each village along clear stream, the Warashina River from place to place,

It is lemon which we cultivate without using all pesticides.





Having begun to cultivate lemon in OKU-SIZ Kiyosawa district

From 2011.

It is these days glub-glub.

As prescription of agriculture and forestry business to continue of slump,

We chose lemon cultivation told that there was few of birds and beasts harm.

However, it is lemon which assumes warm place right lot mainly.

It will be to have been a series of trouble to cultivate at mountain village.

Harvest that was 500 kg in 2014,

We come to surpass 2t in wisdom and effort of farming families,

Speaking of Kiyosawa "lemon"! It is pride reruhodono in this

It became special product which represented area.

Speaking of Kiyosawa lemon,

Of course, it is "many characteristic processing products"!


kiyosawa village station. JPG


Speaking of above all representative product "Kiyosawa type dump lemon!"



Deep-fried chicken, roasted meat, grilled fish ...

It is almighty seasoning which is usable in anything.

Young mothers that it lives in area to have developed this product.

Now not only city area but also,

Store to handle outside prefecture came out.

Farming family cultivating,

In tag with also idea-rich mothers,

Kiyosawa lemon which became special product which represented area.

Taste of lemon itself comes to be evaluated,

Kiyosawa lemon beer of aoiburyuingu,

Kiyosawa lemon sour of each city bar shop

Cooperating companies increase one after another.

We inherited lemon business from residents' association

With achievement of spirited mothers

Look forward to future development; "guess OKU-SIZ!", and is no product.

[OKU-SIZ column ⑭] Forwarding God of prayer - Notahira of mountain village―

"Send forwarding God, and send, and send, and send,

 Without sending hadosuruda somehow in end of the year of this year"

Of "forwarding God" echoing through the wintry sky of the end of the year sing, and is thing.


Slope rises in the Abe River in Shizuoka city area for approximately 30 minutes

*kitoshisammurakoryu center "Abe time" (Ushizuma, Aoi-ku)

From hit that passed

Village of Notahira is seen in halfway up a mountain of forward mountain.



Notahira reads with "notahira",

Or it is "nondaira" in hometown "nondera"

One that caused this seems to be familiar.

It is called "forwarding God" (video existence) by here Notahira

Rare folk event is conveyed.

On the night of December 14, people of village gather every year,

Carry sedan chair (go) which you made with bamboo and leaf of hemp palm (shuro) on your shoulder

It is event parading around to outskirts of a village.

IMGP0722 (1024x679). jpg

"Send forwarding God!" Adult parades around child together while being able to sing in loud voice

IMGP0725 (1024x677). jpg

Handmade sedan chair (go)

IMGP6561 (678x1024). jpg

Finally we put sedan chair in outskirts of a village


Jack of straw of warrior who sat astride horse in one of sedan chair

We are put.

IMGP0678 (1024x678). jpg

IMGP0699 (1024x677). jpg

In addition, we say Hana rice and wrap cleansed rice in Japanese paper,

We pat body and put in dirty (injury) reoharattamonomo sedan chair.

IMG_3346 (1024x769). jpg

IMGP0714 (1024x678). Thumbnail image of jpg

Event called forwarding God is Shizuoka, Nagano, the Aichi whole area

We have been handed down particularly flourishingly.

Children leave edge of the eaves of houses with bamboo bamboo grass, and they rotate and,

We pull straw effigy while sounding drum, and gong turns around and

In this, as for the form of Festivals, various every area.

We are doing December 14 in Notahira with festival day,

It is common in other areas to be performed on day on "koto 8th".


With koto 8th,

We point to December 8 and February 8.

As, in our country, we enshrine this day in particular and came as day,

Area performing event of good luck charm in particular is seen widely.


Forwarding God in Shizuoka City,

"We make handmade sedan chair and put straw effigy in sedan chair"

Place called this is characteristic.

Once not only OKU-SIZ but also,

There is record that was handed down flourishingly in city area,

It was right one of the folk events to represent Shizuoka City.

However, what we still continue

It becomes only Notahira.


Folk event that people almost forget.

In Notahira,

Event to pay evil of the year, and to reach new age,

In addition, as event that the friendship of people who lived in area served as,

It is still inherited carefully.

IMGP6562 (1024x678). jpg

In Tokyo, Setagaya, we held business trip "OKU-SIZ cooking class"!

In shadow of a pine Hall in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo,

We held cooking class using the OKU-SIZ convention crops!

He/she sends charm of OKU-SIZ from Setagaya

Collaboration plan with Gokigen3.

IMGP9433 (1024x681). Thumbnail image of jpg IMGP9499 (1024x661). jpg

From not only Tokyo but also Saitama and Kanagawa

Everybody nearly 30 more than capacity

We participated.

IMGP5680 (1024x681). jpg

Mainly on the making of konjac using native species

We challenge millet meal and asazuke of turnip.

IMGP5696 (1024x681). jpg 

IMGP5705 (1024x681). jpg IMGP5702 (1024x681). jpg

Finally with cereals cookies during product development

We had you taste convention tea of Ikawa.

IMGP5757 (1024x681). jpg IMGP5760 (1024x681). jpg

IMGP5770 (1024x681). jpg

There were many participants with parent and child,

Of length for children made

Konjac and asazuke are very popular!

Simple meal of OKU-SIZ

We think that you were able to thoroughly enjoy.

It is within Setagaya Line Shoin-Jinjamae Station striking distance

In Gokigen3,

On Friday and Saturday a week

We sell vegetables and artefact of OKU-SIZ.

IMGP9452 (1024x679). jpg

Regularly as for the Events such as cooking classes

We hold.

Please participate!

[OKU-SIZ column ⑬] In OKU-SIZ "visit God?"

November 29, the UNESCO "visit God - mask, gods - of disguise"

We decided to enroll in world Intangible Cultural Heritage.

In occasion in year gods who did heteromorphic figure for New Year holidays to

We visit village and house and bring happiness.

Having been registered "Namahage" of Akita or "Toshi Don" of Kagoshima

It is "visit God" of eight prefectures of 10 on behalf of our country.


In fact, in folk entertainment to reach OKU-SIZ

There is thing conveying program that should be called "visit God".


At first seven herbs festival coming to upper Warashina River, sun village.

Seven herbs Festivals is to play conduct of rice growing beforehand at the beginning of one year

It is called "fertility rite representing the process of rice-growing" (taasobi) in hope of good harvest of the year

We are known by dedicating entertainment.


Thumbnail image of IMGP1753.JPG

Appearing in the middle of this Festivals

We say "beach line" (the eyebrows come) "fingerling" (younger)

It is buffoon who took man with a clownish mask side.

IMGP1686 (1280x850). jpg


It is humorous and parades around the venue,

By direction to present riches of the soil, seafood, and to return,

It may be said that it is popular person of this Festivals first.


It continues being buffoon heaping up the place,

Before dedicating fertility rite representing the process of rice-growing entertainment,

It is said that we cleanse the place in shiobana

It is character who took important role.


On the other hand,

By "noh dance" (kagura) handed down in many areas of OKU-SIZ,

Visit God called "very much assistant" (be not crowded) appears.


Grandfather older than very much assistant ha 100 years old.

We hear that we dedicate enlarged rooms on the second floor in OKU-SIZ,

With souvenir that there are a lot of straw bags all the way from country of Ise

We rush to celebration.


Ikawa noh dance



Yokozawa noh dance



Kiyosawa noh dance (video existence)



Utogi noh dance (video existence)



Umegashima Nitta noh dance (video existence)



Enlarged rooms on the second floor of OKU-SIZ have tradition that came from Ise,

Duty to symbolize very much assistant ha, constitution of noh dance

It looks good, though.


Ebisu (Ebisu) who appears on very much assistant totomoni stage

The impromptu exchanges with visitor of venue.

It is funny while telling ad lib

We treat local people to souvenir.







Among people of tradition of noh dance,

It is program that person who is good at art in particular takes.


Furthermore, it is Hatsuuma festival of Umegashima Nitta,

Strolling musician art called chikidon is shown with noh dance.


(1280x853). where there is strolling musician art called chikidon jpg


Youth attaches favorite mask,

"Check, chikichiki, Tiki, it is said with ... more and more"

While we play unique musical accompaniment,

The gate produces houses and rotates.



chikidon is popular person of children.

With event registered with world Intangible Cultural Heritage this time including "Namahage"

We resemble closely!

But chikidon of Umegashima Nitta,

It is like relatively new program that came out of stage art of youth.

Because it means that we did it from prewar days even if so,

Traditional art of Umegashima which time more than 70 years has already spread in.

See chikidon now; tasani,

A large number of visitors came to flock from other place.

As for everybody by all means traditional event of OKU-SIZ each place,

Please visit.

Holding time of event of each place,

We tell at any time on this homepage!

OKU-SIZ colored leaves Information! We seem to be able to enjoy autumn colors of "forest of peace" a little more!

Colored leaves of "forest in OKU-SIZ Ryo-Gochi district of peace,"

While it is just an inch, we seem to be able to enjoy!


DSC06194 (1024x683). jpg




DSC06265 (1024x683). jpg




Carpet of fallen leaves is wonderful, too!

DSC06277 (683x1024). jpg


Municipal management hot spring "Yamasemi-no-Yu" and soba of restaurant "bamboo shoot."

Extend a trip a little

Of eight green cafe

It is breath with discerning green tea, sum tea relievedly.

DSC05856 (1024x683). jpg

OKU-SIZ of early winter is good, too!

Time on the weekend relaxed in OKU-SIZ

Please spend time!


DSC06165 (1024x683). jpg

Shooting: Kazumasa Tomita (OKU-SIZ Community Revitalization Aid) ※A part is excluded

Shooting day: November 27, 2018