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The evening second of OKU-SIZ! It is held on meeting -, Sunday, September 2 to enjoy convention soba of - Shizuoka!

It originated in venue in "convention soba tagata" from last month

We guess monthly "OKU-SIZ! "Events, "evening of OKU-SIZ."

We invite producer and guest once a month,

With the crops of OKU-SIZ pride

It is Events which delicious soba of "tagata" performs collaboration of.

September "meeting which enjoys convention soba of Shizuoka!"

20180817211432-0001 .jpg

There are few harvests,

We can hardly usually taste

Convention soba of OKU-SIZ,

We will have you enjoy with a limitation of the number of people on that day.

Convention soba of Ikawa. JPG


As for Ryo-Gochi (Yuzawa), Tamakawa, the producers of Ikawa (Kogochi),

Prepare soba or recommended dishes,

He/she comes for "convention soba tagata".

Advance reservations are necessary for participation.

Please participate!

Side field image of Ikawa. JPG

"Meeting - to enjoy convention soba of - second Shizuoka last night of OKU-SIZ"

The date and time: Sunday, September 2, 2018 from 15:00 to 16:30

Venue: Convention soba tagata (4-10-27, Nakada, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi)

Contents: Comparing the tastes (soba of Shizuoka convention soba + other areas) of soba

    One article of "tagata" recommendation

    Producer recommended one article


Capacity: 30 people ※First-come-first-served basis

Entrance fee: 3,000 yen (with meal, drink)

Application method: ①Clearly stating address ➁ full name ③ age ④ phone number,

     By Friday, August 31

     We apply for (no company) shizunowani by email

     shizunowa@gmail .com

Tamakawa "sunflower field of Katsurayama" reached in full bloom in a part!

"Sunflower field of Katsurayama,"

In intense heat of day after day, we have been delayed until the end of August.

At last we reached in full bloom in a part.

We update flowering Information at any time in the following facebook page!


On Saturday, August 18, 19th Sunday,

"Sunflower Festivals is held by local sponsorship, too".

Sale of lunch and cake using local material,

There is Events such as "scarecrow contests", too!

As for the details, please see the following poster!

Sunflower Festivals 1.png

Sunflower 2.png

※Photograph is state of last year.


Breaking news! Collaboration first SPAC and OKU-SIZ of OKU-SIZ relationship drama festival - world―

We stage superior theatrical art work in sequence,

We receive high evaluation from home and abroad

SPAC Shizuoka theatrical art center.

Saturday, September 29, two days on 30th Sunday

By "OKU-SIZ relationship drama festival" held in Shizuoka Asama Shrine,

SPAC and OKU-SIZ will perform collaboration!

"Old tale" that has been handed down in OKU-SIZ,

We are reborn in wonderful stage work.

20180816204138-0001 .jpg

For product, direction Atsushi Ooka of SPAC,

And music,

Composer that judgment is deep in folk entertainment,

Invite Miho Watarai,

We adopted sound music of folk entertainment of OKU-SIZ

We start production of the stage.

As for public lesson, the reading of old tale,

We are planning event to relationship drama festival!

For details, in at any time this homepage

We tell.

Please pay attention!

[OKU-SIZ column ③] 1 prayer - a kind of trout Festivals - of mountain village

Ikawa district that is located in doorway of Minami-Alps, upper Oi River.

In Tashiro village of the in that part of upper reaches,

"Suwa-jinja Shrine" showing emigration tradition from Shinshu is enshrined.

IMGP1863 (1024x678). jpg

We are said to have been shoigami (we carry on our back God) of lord "the Uminos" of Ikawa,

In the Edo era, we collected faith as "total patron saint" of Ikawa widely.

Big festival of this Shinto shrine,

It is annual festival held on 27th on August 26 every year.

On the night of 26th in particular, many people gather from whole Ikawa,

Because spend time by fireworks and dance noisily, at "six night" (register),

In addition, from characteristic of votive offering to give to God in this Festivals,

It is called "a kind of trout Festivals".

A kind of trout zushi (1024x768). jpg

A kind of trout zushidesu where photograph became in the name of "a kind of trout Festivals."

We are usually considered to be area closed to fishing

In stomach of a kind of trout which we caught with holy valley "light Kamiya,"

Because we squeezed sakaawa (German millet) which we cultivated in slash-and-burn agriculture,

It is special food and wine offered to the gods symbolizing living of former mountain.

It is August 20 that we catch a kind of trout with light Kamiya.

People of this program of the year enter at previous day deep into light Kamiya,

We catch more than 35 a kind of trout.

IMGP5380 (1024x678). jpg

IMGP5188 (1024x678). jpg

IMGP5236 (1024x678). jpg

And is place called Japanese nutmeg Goya of light Kamiya, from about the midday of 20th

We hold capture courtesy of a kind of trout called "fish (uo) fishing Festivals".

Japanese nutmeg Goya is place that has been made site of a religious service of fishing Festivals from old days.

IMGP5201 (1024x677). jpg

We hang a kind of trout which we caught in kawakura which made miscellaneous small trees to three-dart makeup on the nape of the neck,

Shinto ritual begins.

IMGP5305 (1024x678). jpg

Fishing festival (a kind of trout festival) (1024x678). jpg

As it has been said that we performed only in men from this festival, old days,

Local woman does not enter place of Festivals, too.

In addition, when, in the middle of Shinto ritual, we lean fishing rod against kawakura,

It is said that we are blessed with big catches.

It is feast when we finish Shinto ritual.

IMGP5283 (1024x678). jpg

By feast, favorite meal is served every this program.

To this age, roast a kind of trout which you just caught

It was miso soup which took soup stock.

To ingredients materials, people of this program each brought

Local seasonal vegetables are used.


DSC00654 (1024x681). jpg

In addition, as food and wine offered to the gods that fishing Festivals is important

Salted a kind of trout which we made with the bowels is served.

We wrap a kind of trout which we caught in leaf of Japanese knotweed in this way,

We bring to village.

DSC00652 (1024x683). jpg

It has acidity to give with leaf of Japanese knotweed, and this is because it is available as preservatives.


DSC00658 (1024x683). jpg


A kind of trout which we took home with us is preserved in salt,

Until the day before Festivals, we are kept by home of Shinto priesthood.

Thumbnail image of IMGP5398.JPG

IMGP5430 (1024x678). jpg


We eat in Minami-Alps UNESCO Eco park Ikawa visitor center and enjoy summer of OKU-SIZ!

Abolished line alley and Ikawa lake ferryboat, camping

We ski in the summer, and we are taken a walk naturally by hot spring

IMGP7597.JPG Model course (81). jpg

01-014-04 Ikawa lake ferryboat (the house side of nature) .JPG Forest of huge tree. JPG 01-004-04 white birch inside bath. JPG Ikawa campground. Thumbnail image of JPG

It is full of items enjoying this summer

OKU-SIZ Ikawa district.

It is in center, Motomura of the Ikawa

Minami-Alps UNESCO Eco park 

Ikawa visitor center.

Ikawa visitor center. JPG

Menu of dining room

We renewed!


Popular venison flatfish rice

We were brought up in Nature of Minami-Alps

Pasta with full of delicious vegetables.


Of new menu

Other than deep-fried a kind of trout set meal,


For all of you having you use this dining room

Today's western dishes-like set meal,

We prepare Japanese dishes-like set meal.



On all menus

We used seasonal vegetables of Ikawa

Salad bar and pickle bar

And soft drink is included, too!


Particularly this season

Homemade chilled amazake is recommended!


It is rejuvenation with moderate sweetness.

Let's enjoy summer of Ikawa!