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Meeting - holding to enjoy cereals handed down to - Ikawa last night of OKU-SIZ on Sunday, November 4!

"Evening of OKU-SIZ" when we hold every month on first Sunday.

It becomes the fourth

Theme on Sunday, November 4 is "meeting enjoying cereals handed down to Ikawa"!

We collect attention from people who are strong in feelings to meal,

Healthy foods "cereals."


Copying 50.JPG Copying 44 (1). JPG

Copying 47.JPG IMGP1547.JPG

Slash-and-burn agriculture was prosperous once

In OKU-SIZ Ikawa district anything and cereals of ten kinds

We are left!

We work on the preservation succession of such a precious cereals this time

Slash-and-burn agriculture club makes all of you of "friend of being constipated" guest,

Please thoroughly enjoy cereals food of a good Ikawa.

Ikawa (6). jpg IMGP9568 (1024x678) (1). jpg

Making soba. JPG IMGP9523.JPG

It has been handed down for a long time in place of Ikawa

With story concerning cereals,

Please enjoy traditional taste of mountain village!


uebe 2.JPG

※Advance reservations are necessary for participation.

"Meeting - to enjoy cereals handed down to - Ikawa last night of OKU-SIZ"

The date and time: Sunday, November 4, 2018 from 15:00 to 16:30

Venue: Convention soba tagata (4-10-27, Nakada, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi)

Contents: Comparing the tastes of cereals onigiri

    New menu "cereals sweets"

    tagata X OKU-SIZ collaboration menu

    "We scratch, and buckwheat flour of Ko bow tie millet is ... soba soup"

    "Ikawa namekotochururin noodles"

    Finally it is convention soba!

Guest: Everybody of slash-and-burn agriculture club "friend of being constipated"

Capacity: 30 people

Entrance fee: 3,000 yen

Application method: We apply by email

     (no company) shizunowa e-mail:shizunowa@gmail .com


 From this time the "evening of OKU-SIZ" date,

 Convention soba tagatade, daily whole "OKU-SIZ day"

 Day-limited "tagata X OKU-SIZ collaboration menu"

 And we can enjoy OKU-SIZ small market place!

OKU-SIZ will finally go to "Ikawa dam Festivals" on - November 3 to colored leaves season, too!―

Well! OKU-SIZ finally reaches season of colored leaves, too.

Colored leaves Information of OKU-SIZ each place,

This; "guess OKU-SIZ! Even news sends at any time,

Here, it is held on Saturday, November 3

We introduce Ikawa dam Festivals!

Mecca of colored leaves in OKU-SIZ,

In Ikawa district, it becomes this seasonal annual festival

"Ikawa dam Festivals."

Local traditional arts "noh dance,"

In sale of local products, it is festival to be able to enjoy all day long.

Copying 74.JPG


This year,

To all of you of 20 first arrival that went and worshiped in Ikawa Shinto shrine, and purchased paper fortune

We cannot readily usually see

We present "visit ticket" of Ikawa dam (20 effective first arrival on that day)!

Ikawa dam 02.JPG

While enjoying neighboring autumn colors,

Nature and culture of Ikawa held in Minami-Alps by all means

Please enjoy!

Colored leaves 1.JPG

※We photographed photograph in November, 2016.

Colored leaves 3.JPG

※We photographed photograph in November, 2016.

NHK "hobby doki!" Well, osawa porch cafe is introduced!

From the city outside, a large number of visitors come

Popular spot "osawa porch cafe" of OKU-SIZ,

NHK "hobby doki!" It will be taken up in this.



We introduce the world of various hobbies happily

Popular program "hobby doki!" of NHK

This theme "basking in the sun ~ in Ohisama life - porch cafe"

Is the inside of this, way of approach and living of everybody of OKU-SIZ Osawa district

We are introduced in detail!


Thumbnail image of IMGP5821.JPG

Broadcast plans are as follows.

Check it out!


Tuesday, October 23 E tele from 21:30 to 21:55

Tuesday, October 30 E tele from 11:30 to 11:55

It is popular every year! Autumn OKU-SIZ hot spring Festival!

Autumn of OKU-SIZ is OKU-SIZ hot spring Festival!

In this Sunday (10/21) of this autumn make a start and is held in Umegashima Nitta hot spring bathhouse "Kogane-no-Yu".

Please arrive, everyone!

Kogane-no-Yu flyer. jpg

OKU-SIZ hot spring Festival. jpg

Spring quality is 5 facilities state!

Please enjoy difference of each hot spring!

Events contents are various by each venue, too!

Events to be able to enjoy from child to age is varied!


On the day we present OKU-SIZ specially made Japanese towel to the first 100 people in one that had you reply questionnaire, each facility!

At this opportunity, please enjoy autumn municipal management hot spring.

We look forward to your visit.

As for the details, please see the following flyers.

OKU-SIZ hot spring Festival flyer list. pdf

The OKU-SIZ hot spring Festival flyer back. pdf

OKU-SIZ hot spring, dainty food stamp rally now being held!

Stamp rally. jpg

Hot spring, dainty food is full in ... OKU-SIZ! ...

☆Stamp rally now being held over OKU-SIZ hot spring and "dainty food" proud of outstanding spring quality to☆

Dainty food 2 facility cooperates with municipal hot spring 3 facility and carries out this year.

When we go for held OKU-SIZ hot spring festival from late October through early November

We come by all facility achievement!

The details check flyer!

Stamp rally 2018 flyer. pdf

Stamp rally 2018 mount. pdf

(stamp rally can participate only with mount)

※After checking the business situation and traffic condition of each facility, please visit.