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Sunday, November 8 holding! Under recruitment of "Ryo-Gochi rogeiningu" participants!

"Ryo-Gochi rogeiningu" becoming the fourth in this year is held on Sunday, November 8!

We go round checkpoints established in area as much as possible before time limit, and rogeiningu is sport to compete for score. We walk leisurely while watching scenery, and it is competition that anyone can enjoy from beginner to senior when we run for high score.

We start from Wadashima, Shimizu Elementary School in "Ryo-Gochi rogeiningu" and compete for point over checkpoint established in Ryo-Gochi district.

There are five branches of family/man and woman mixture/manhood/adult girl/individual, and category can choose either 5-hour for three hours in time limit. It is team sport of 1 team 2 to 5 persons other than the personal section.

Colored leaves begin in November in Ryo-Gochi and can enjoy rogeiningu while seeing colorful scenery. In addition, there is sale of Ryo-Gochi gourmet in venue, too and becomes contents to be able to enjoy autumn Ryo-Gochi. It recommends return soaks in hot spring in "Yamasemi-no-Yu", and to heal fatigue!

"Ryo-Gochi rogeingu" is during entry offer! Please participate♪

※We put off start time and omit opening ceremony, closing ceremony and become meeting conduct in format that considered prevention of new coronavirus infection spread to the maximum. I would like understanding and cooperation.

[the date and time] Sunday, November 8, 2020 8: 00 ... (in the reception desk 7:30 ...)

[venue] Shizuoka City Wadashima, Shimizu elementary school (661, Wadashima, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi)

[entrance fee] 500 yen/ 3 years or younger for free younger than adult 2,800 yen/, primary schoolchild

[entry] We apply from "E moshikomu" →E moshikomu HP

[inquiry] Ryo-Gochi rogeiningu executive committee E-mail: ryogouchi.rog@gmail.com

Rules of detailed Information rogeiningu of meeting from this

→(Ryo-Gochi rogeningu HP

The poster last. jpg

Photograph. jpg

We exhibit OKU-SIZ booth in "Shizuoka picnic garden 2020"!

"Shizuoka picnic garden 2020" is held in Sunpu Castle Park in 4 consecutive holidays of the end of this week.

Delicacy of Shizuoka and stylish miscellaneous goods flock♪

We show movie in the outdoors at night!

It is Events which all family and the couples can enjoy.

We exhibit OKU-SIZ booth to introduce charm of OKU-SIZ to in the medium mountains promotion section! "kiyosawa village station" sells gourmet only by OKU-SIZ or fresh vegetables in booth "village of truth Fuji" of distribution and farm products processing sale place of various brochures.

Come to "Shizuoka picnic garden 2020" by all means in 4 consecutive holidays of the weekend!

The date: From Saturday, September 19 to September 22 Tuesday (holiday)

※"Village of truth Fuji" opens a store only on 19th, and "kiyosawa village station" opens a store for 20-22 days

Place: Sunpu Castle Park

Time: From 11:00 to 17:00

※It is this about other branch Information and Events details

https://sizpg.com (Shizuoka picnic garden HP)

[9/10 Thursday opening] Curry real in old folk house of OKU-SIZ

"Positive falls silent", and ga is new, and curry shop opens to Yokoyama of OKU-SIZ O-Kochi!

We can enjoy real curry in stylish space full of atmosphere that redecorated old folk house.

We open on Thursday, September 10! Please go to visit♪

Business hours 11:00-17:00 (regular holiday: on Monday and Tuesday)

Address: 139-1, Yokoyama, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi


OKU-SIZ municipal management 5 hot spring is participation "excellent hot water sealed letter issued by a shogun circulation" now being held, too♨

We hold "excellent hot water sealed letter issued by a shogun circulation" in Middle Shizuoka Hot spring facility of municipal 5 hot spring of OKU-SIZ, Oi River water system and 6 hot springs of Yaizu-shi!

We present bathing for free ticket that can use target hot spring next time when we distribute sealed letter issued by a shogun book and sealed letter issued by a shogun seal at the time of the use, and 3 provides equipment among OKU-SIZ 5 hot springs and is 6 facilities of 3 facilities in total among Oi River water system and 6 hot springs of Yaizu-shi and gathers sealed letter issued by a shogun seals.

We distribute the achievement commemorative towel to 1,100 first arrival in where complete made all the sealed letter issued by a shogun seals. Furthermore, we present luxurious prize by lot!

It is this about target hot spring and contents


※Distribution of sealed letter issued by a shogun book is one year from issue date on expiration date of sealed letter issued by a shogun book until March 31, 2021

Sealed letter issued by a shogun circulation flyer A4.jpgThe back of the sealed letter issued by a shogun circulation flyer. jpg

Under recruitment of "Mizumiiro toreranibento" participants!

We held in Mizumiiro and it was "Mizumiiro toreran" which had you participate in many runners, but unfortunately has been canceled for new model coronavirus infection spread this year every year.

However, as a result of having made trial and error whether you cannot do something because "Mizumiiro toreran executive committee" consisting of people of local resident enlivens area, we will hold Events of toreran although being small!

We hold toreranibento once a month from September through December. As for around 50 participants per once, as for the participation, it is in small Events which considered resident nominado in Shizuoka, prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, but is Events to be able to enjoy Mizumiiro! Please participate!

The date

①Monday, September 21

②Sunday, October 4

③Sunday, November 15 

④Sunday, December 13 

※Course is 8:00 by the moon change at around 16-22km, the meeting time

Entrance fee

2,000 yen

※We take a person's distance with disinfection and person enough on the day of the Events and we carry out maximum infection prophylaxis and hold.

Participation comes to need prior application. We can confirm detailed Information and application for meeting method on Facebook of Mizumiiro toreran.

Mizumiiro toreranfeisubukku is this


toreran photograph. jpg