Congratulations! Inscription confirmed as a UNESCO Bioshphere Reserve Our prided Minami-Alps

  • Winter Akaishidake (only as for Akaishi) which looked at zentake
  • Scenery of Hijiridake (hijiridake)
  • Carapace of a turtle-formed soil (kikkoujodo)
  • Snow grouse
  • takanezakura
  • Colored leaves of hatake*daitsurikyo (hatanagiotsuribashi)
  • Ikawa noh dance
  • Ikawa Ohashi
  • Mt. Naka-dake (nakadake) curl

Minami-Alps Live Satellite Feed

Minami-Alps Live Satellite Feed

Minami-Alps introduction picture

Minami-Alps is mountainous area where the mountains of 3000m grade represent Japan named 13 seat ream. In addition, profound valley brings up the rich forest including Oi River which assumes Minami-Alps source, and a great variety of animals and plants breed habitation, environment to grow. And person still protects the traditional culture that we brought up in severe nature and living to face each other deeply carefully, too and inherits.
UNESCO Eco park of Minami-Alps aims at development of community while expressing figure that nature is connected to person with "variety of creature and culture that high mountain, deep valley bring up", and protecting nature and culture of Minami-Alps carefully.


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