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About the business reopening of OKU-SIZ facility (from Monday, June 1, 2020)

 Thank you very much for always coming to OKU-SIZ.
 It lasts for long term for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention and, in the following OKU-SIZ facility, does with closure in temporariness and apologizes for having caused customer inconvenience, nuisance and you give understanding, cooperation and thank.


Well, we will tell as we will reopen  facility closed temporarily from Monday, June 1, 2020 until now.


[facility name]

 1.The *kitoshisammurakoryu center "Abe time" ※But June 1 is regular holiday

 2.Warashina city mountain village interchange center "warabiko" ※But June 1 is regular holiday

 3.Kuchisakamoto hot spring bathhouse

 4.Umegashima Nitta hot spring bathhouse "Kogane-no-Yu" ※But June 1 is regular holiday

   Golden village (restaurant, processing sale place) (private)

 5.Village tennis court of Umegashima konya

 6.Light swamp pro-water garden "village of fish fish" ※But June 1 is regular holiday

   House (restaurant) of fish fish (private)

 7.Yunoshima hot spring bathhouse

   genkokuchaoku (restaurant, processing sale place) (private)

 8.Nishizato, Shimizu hot spring bathhouse "Yamasemi-no-Yu" ※But June 1 is regular holiday

 9.Shimizu Forest Park Kurokawa campground ※But June 1 is regular holiday of management ridge

 10. House, restaurant "bamboo shoot" of shomi (private) ※But June 1 is regular holiday

 11. Minami-Alps Akaishi Onsen white birch-so

 12. Minami-Alps Ikawa automatic campground

 13. The Minami-Alps UNESCO eco-park Ikawa visitor center (private)

 14. ribaueru Ikawa skiing area

   ※Summer skiing from Wednesday, July 1

 15. Takayama, Shimin-no-Mori "megumi of forest"


 On business resumption, it limits some use such as conduct or locker of "3 ventilation that is periodical not to make it is dense" of "sealing space" "crowd place" "closeness scene" and will carry out maximum measures for prevention of infection spread.

 In addition, we will carry out survey about health condition by customer at the time of the use.

 When you cannot agree to investigation, I may decline the use, but, also, you and family have you consider various circumstances to protect relief, security of neighboring all of you, and they would appreciate your cooperation.

 When all of you have you note your health care, and there are symptoms such as fever, a cough, sore throat, we ask for your kind cooperation in addition to have the use wait.


 In addition, please confirm on outing to OKU-SIZ beforehand to each facility as policies of city may be changed about after resumption by the situation of new coronavirus.