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OKU-SIZ relationship drama festival, OKU-SIZ convention market guidance flyer

We hold on Sunday on Saturday, September 29, 30th

It is OKU-SIZ relationship drama festival + OKU-SIZ convention market, flyer of guidance!

OKU-SIZ relationship drama festival cover. jpg

OKU-SIZ relationship drama festival back cover. jpg

"We guess OKU-SIZ! In corner of news,

Commentary of story to take up in old tale theater,

Lesson scenery of appearance actors,

And person from branch of OKU-SIZ convention market,

Grand performance of sacred music and dancing at the Ise Shrine festival held at the same time

We are updating various Information concerning event at any time!

You see interesting article,

On the day come to Shizuoka Asama Shrine by all means!