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It recruits members of village support in Umegashima district, Okawa district.

We grasp the situation of village of intermediate and mountainous area, and Shizuoka City recruits members of village support that can support village administration.

[about member of village support]

1 activity contents   

(1) Patrol of village in class teacher activity district and situation grasp

(2) It is heard opinion of participation, inhabitants to meetings of village carried out in charge activity district

(3) Cooperation to promotion measure that inhabitants of city and village perform

(4) Update (reporting) of intermediate and mountainous area homepage

(5) Activity that city recognizes as need about promotion of intermediate and mountainous area village and report

2 charge district Umegashima, Aoi-ku districts, Okawa, Aoi-ku district

From 3 term October 1, 2018 (plan) to March 31, 2019 (when duty results are good, update term together with one year. Up to five years)

4 reward monthly basis 118,900 yen (plan) ※There is almost no duty (on duty day, irregular) medical treatment (commutation allowance, overtime allowance) for around 30 hours a week, and there is social insurance

We become the part-time service part-time service staff of city after the 5 or other adoption, and the local public service worker methods are applied and are imposed on prohibition, confidentiality of trust loss act.

[the application point]

1 qualifications

(1) Person who can carry out the activity mentioned above in charge district

(2) Person who has enthusiasm toward promotion of intermediate and mountainous area of Shizuoka City 20 years or older

(3) Person who is usually available for mountain local driving having driving license

(4) Person who is not the staff (include person following the staff.) or the member of Motoichi city assembly

(5) Person who does not correspond to local public service worker method Article 16 (write separately, and refer, and straighten including quasi-incompetent)


Each one 2 application staff district

3 application methods

(1) We submit one copy of member of presentation documents Shizuoka City village support application application

(2) 11 of the presentation 〒 421-1212 Sendai, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi 538th

         Person in charge of mountains promotion section plan out of Shizuoka City Economic Affairs Bureau agriculture and forestry Marine Products Division

         ※Mail is possible

(3) It must arrive by Monday, August 20, 2018 in deadline for presentation

It is decided by 5 selection method documents and interview.

(1) Interview date and time Monday, August 27, 2018 10:00 ...

         (we plan around 20 minutes for one)

(2) Interview place 〒 421-1212 

         11 forestry center first training room of the Sendai, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi 538th

(3) We notify of notice of result result by mail by the middle of September.

(4) Other passers come to need presentation of required document to order separately and are confirmed the documents concerned

It becomes back adoption.    

6 dossier applications are this →  Member of village support application application. doc

                   Member of village support application application. pdf


Person in charge of mountains promotion section plan out of 7 reference Shizuoka City government office Economic Affairs Bureau agriculture and forestry Marine Products Division

         TEL 054-294-8805

         FAX 054-278-3908


Separate paragraph

[local public service worker method (extract)]

We remove case to establish in the regulations, and person corresponding to one of each issue of Article 16 next becomes the staff or cannot receive competitive examination or selection.

(1) Adult ward or cover conservator

(2) Person before becoming until we are sentenced to punishment with more than of imprisonment and end the execution or without receiving the execution

(3) Person who gets a punishment of disciplinary dismissal in the local public entities concerned, and does not pass in two years from day of the disposal concerned

(4) Abbreviation

(5) Person who formed political party or other groups which insisted on destroying the Constitution of Japan or the government established below by violence in afterward on day of the Constitution of Japan enforcement or joined this