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News from Shizuoka City

"Community Revitalization Aid" takes office as Ikawa district, Umegashima district.

In OKU-SIZ newly "Community Revitalization Aid" of two people,

It will be located,

On Tuesday, April 24, 2018, letter of commission was issued by the mayor.

It is 2 areas of Ikawa district, Umegashima district that is located.

<Ikawa Community Revitalization Aid>

Ryutaro Hayashi (grow Ryutaro) member

Activity theme: "Preservation, tradition of Ikawa mempa"

We learn technique of mempa production and,

We work on business sending charm of mempa to widely.

<Umegashima Community Revitalization Aid>

Cheap light Nishiki (ammyonkun) member

Activity theme: "Attracting tourist promotion in connection with agriculture and forestry business, tourism"

Charm of Umegashima hot-spring village appointed in national hot spring recreation area

We send to home and abroad.

IMGP9611 (1). JPG

※In Shizuoka City, we place Community Revitalization Aid from 2015 to OKU-SIZ,

Three members have been already active in Ikawa district, Tamakawa district, Okawa district.