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We raise Community Revitalization Aid in OKU-SIZ 2 area (Ikawa, Umegashima)!

 It is news from ear for people thinking of emigration in OKU-SIZ.

 We raise Community Revitalization Aid in 2 areas of Ikawa district, Umegashima district. Let alone nature which is rich in OKU-SIZ, both taste only in the area, traditional culture, heart that have been kept for a long time and body have charms of most including hot spring and warm personality only in the country to warm.

 However, progress of the depopulation, aging is remarkable, and it becomes local problem only by vitality of local resident not to be able to plan enough promotion while having much charm. We solve problem while cooperating with local resident in these 2 areas and recruit members having you work on community revitalization activity.


 daidaifukei. JPG



[about Community Revitalization Aid]

1 activity district

(1) Ikawa district

 P1130904 aratame. jpg IMGP1589 aratame. jpg IMG_5939 aratame. jpg

  It is village of the northernmost part of Shizuoka City spreading through Minami-Alps doorway. Minami-Alps UNESCO Eco park

 We were appointed of this in graded area and lived together for a long time with rich nature left in this area and the environment

 As for the culture, value is accepted worldwide. In addition, a lot of broadleaf trees are autumns around village

 They dye leaf into red, yellow in this, and colored leaves appearing in surface of a lake of Ikawa lake are right superb views.



(2) Umegashima district

 CIMG0802 aratame. jpg DSCN2553 aratame. jpg IMG_0474 aratame. jpg

  It is village spreading out to the part of the first-grade river Abe River flowing through the city of upper reaches. Umegashima in district

 Hot-spring village is said to be hidden hot water of Shingen Takeda, in May, 2017 in national hot spring recreation area

 We are appointed. In late years it is Suruga gamefowl and branded stock raising including Umezato (tea)

 That thing, farm products increase, too and call in tourists in each field of tourism, agriculture and forestry business; power

 We can enter.


2 activity contents

(1) Common contents  ※It is activity that all cooperation members perform.

  ①Collection, rearranging of local Information

  ②Interchange with local resident

  ③Cooperation to promotion measure that inhabitants of city and village perform

  ④Public information (reporting) of local Information including update of city homepage

  ⑤In addition, activity that city recognizes as need about local promotion and report


(2) Individual contents  ※About theme that city appointed, we have you be active.

  ①Ikawa district

  [preservation, tradition of Ikawa mempa]

    Craftsman lacks traditional industrial art object "Ikawa mempa" of Ikawa district, is the city now

   We become alone in this. Have learn production technology of Ikawa mempa from member, oneself

   We have it be active as theme to succeed to job personality, technique in history.

   ※Please acquire study with craftsman who is in city area for a certain period of time. Meanwhile,

    It becomes Ikawa district and the residence between 2 areas with city area.


  ②Umegashima district

  [activity for increase of the number of the visitors in connection with tourism, agriculture and forestry business]

    Umegashima hot-spring village and branding that Umegashima district is appointed in national hot spring recreation area

   Done livestock products, farm products have much charm in each field.

   To utilize them, and to be able to call in tourists effectively, is tourism and agriculture and forestry business for member

   It becomes the part of pipe called this, and please carry out PR business that cooperated with each field.


3 term 

 From May 1, 2018 to April 30, 2021 (plan)

 ※We consider from duty results and shall update term together with 1 (up to three years).


4 working hours

 32 hours 30 minutes / week (on duty day, irregular) 


5 remuneration

 208000 yen/month (there are no commutation allowance, overtime allowance)

 But activity period calculates the moon less than one month on a daily-rate basis.


6 and others

(1) There is no hiring with city (we do not take out unemployment insurance).

(2) Please take out social insurance (health insurance, national pension) in responsibility of each person.

(3) House where member lives in prepares in city or area.

(4) About expense to hang over conduct of hire and activity of vehicle for house of member and activity from city

  There is assistance of this (less than 1,500,000 yen / year).

(5) As we will live after the arrival at post in the area, it looks local beforehand on applying

  We recommend that we have you confirm this. When local guidance is necessary beforehand, page

  Please contact the lowest reference.


[the application point]

1 qualifications

 Person who meets all the next items

 ①In the Shizuoka suburbs and area to be able to apply in right or wrong column of application of following local requirements list, and to correspond to

  Person who lives, and moves with resident's card after the commission in activity area, and can work on community revitalization activity  


   [local requirements list]

Local requirements list. png   

   ※Which area of following local requirements list does current place of residence correspond to, from reference page?

   Please confirm. In addition, when live in some conditions disadvantage area, by the address ground

   As the right or wrong of application is different, mountains promotion section out of Shizuoka City (Phone: 054-294 - 8805)

   Please refer for madeo. Reference page ⇒ area requirements confirmation list. pdf

 ② Person who is usually available for mountain local driving having driving license

 ③ Person who is not the staff (including person following the staff) or the member of Motoichi city assembly

 ④ It is 22-40-year-old man (only for Ikawa district)


2 application staff

 Each one area


3 application methods

(1) Presentation documents

  ① Shizuoka City Community Revitalization Aid application application

    Ward form ... application. doc

    Portable Document Format ..., application. pdf

    ※Experience that we learned about woodwork, lacquerware, industrial art object when it was proposed to Ikawa district

     If have experience engaged in this and production, to understand so; of educational background and work experience

     Please list in column.

  ② Short essay

   We make either following as theme (possible format freedom, word processor in around 1,000 characters, A4)

   Oh, when it is proposed to Ikawa district

    About "local promotion plan that utilized Ikawa mempa

    "Wrestling for the continuation of Ikawa mempa"

   When it is proposed to i, Umegashima district

    "Wanting to wrestle in Umegashima district as Community Revitalization Aid"

    "Regional activation method that utilized resources of Umegashima district"

  ③Copy of resident's card

  ④Copy of normal driving driver's license


(2) Presentation

  〒421-1212 538-11, Sendai, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi

  Person in charge of mountains promotion section plan out of Shizuoka City Economic Affairs Bureau agriculture and forestry Marine Products Division (possible mail)


(3) Deadline for presentation

  It must arrive by Wednesday, February 28, 2018


About 4 selection

(1) Selection method

  By documents and interview examination, we examine from six items more than ① human nature, ② will, aggressiveness, ③ knowledge, experience, ④ communicative competence, ⑤ sense of responsibility, one of ⑥ sense of cooperation.


(2) The interview date and time

  Ikawa district :Friday, March 9, 2018

  Umegashima district: Thursday, March 8, 2018

  ※After having had you apply, we notify of interview time some other time.


(3) Interview venue

  Shizuoka City Fire Bureau Aoi fire department (6-2, Otemachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi)


(4) Others

  Submission of documents to order separately is necessary for passer and becomes adoption after the confirmation of the documents concerned.


5 references

 Person in charge of mountains promotion section plan out of Shizuoka City Economic Affairs Bureau agriculture and forestry Marine Products Division

 TEL: 054-294-8805 

 FAX: 054-278-3908