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News from Shizuoka City

Governor honoring was conferred on Umegashima, large substitute site ward.

"fujinokuni was made with dignified ozato (irregularity) beautifully", and governor honoring type was held in November 27, 2017.

 Nishizato, Shimizu-ku and Aoi-ku University charges (ojiro) were chosen as jushoozato (irregularity) this year among Shizuoka City with Kakegawa-shi East Yamaguchi, Nishiyamaguchi.

 Meeting in Ojirocho works on Shizuoka University department of agriculture and "one one village Shizuoka exercise"; ten years. Management such as tea plantations through agroenvironmental training of the university is honoring by "collaboration activity" for work and local problem solution giving steady result.

■Large substitute site ward                      

Large substitute site ward. jpg

■Governor Kawakatsu address

Governor congratulatory address. jpg

■The letter of honoring conferment (daidai)                  

The conferment. jpg


Representative greetings. jpg

■It is represented Nishizato, Shimizu-ku, daidai, East Yamaguchi, Nishiyamaguchi by the left     

From the left. jpg

■People concerned such as daidai and Shizuoka University

The person concerned. jpg


 Umegashima tourist information center (the village tennis hall of konya)

 Telephone 090-6800-0322

 Alliance public information secretariat farmland Maintenance Section made with fujinokuni beautifully dignified ozato  

Telephone 054-221-2714