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warabikokaranoo news [schedule of October]

We will tell about events of warabikokara October.

For more details, please see this calendar. → warabiko schedule (30.10) .pdf

OKU-SIZ relationship drama festival, OKU-SIZ convention market guidance flyer

We hold on Sunday on Saturday, September 29, 30th

It is OKU-SIZ relationship drama festival + OKU-SIZ convention market, flyer of guidance!

OKU-SIZ relationship drama festival cover. jpg

OKU-SIZ relationship drama festival back cover. jpg

"We guess OKU-SIZ! In corner of news,

Commentary of story to take up in old tale theater,

Lesson scenery of appearance actors,

And person from branch of OKU-SIZ convention market,

Grand performance of sacred music and dancing at the Ise Shrine festival held at the same time

We are updating various Information concerning event at any time!

You see interesting article,

Come to Shizuoka Asama Shrine by all means on that day!

About ribaueru Ikawa skiing area Events "autumn hills and fields search"

We will hold ribaueru Ikawa skiing area sponsorship "autumn hills and fields search".

How about feeling arrival in autumn while searching for promenade?

You can enjoy acorn or mountain gathering chestnuts.

Please participate with your friends.



Event name  Autumn hills and fields search

Date     : Sunday, October 7, 2018 ※From rainout 10:00 to around 13:00

        (dissolution dissolves freedom in ribaueru Ikawa skiing area at 9:50 at the meeting time)

Meeting place    : Dainichi Parking (according to the guide map) → Guide map. pdf

The offer number of people   Around 20 (as for the participation object more than primary schoolchild)

Contents      : Take a walk through Dainichi promenade from Dainichi Parking, acorn, mountain gathering chestnuts

        After (in the case of change, it is in crop experiences in akebi crop hometown farmhouse),

         We move from Dainichi Parking to ribaueru Ikawa skiing area.

         We are dissolved after lunch freely in rest house. (there is present of nameko)

Belonging     : Gloves, rain outfit, shoes, clothes comfortable to walk in

Expense     : More than adult 1,000 yen junior high student (include lunch charges, premium)

         600 yen for children (it includes lunch charges, premium)

Application method  :To "ribaueru Ikawa skiing area Tel 054-260-2316" telephone

         Have do, address, full name, phone number, the number of people (adult, dwarf) that wish to participate

         Please tell. (in the case of a lot of application, it becomes lottery. The next day of closing date

         After that we tell about ni, the results of an election over telephone.)

Application time :From 12:00 to 16:00 (on September 18 and 25 holiday)

Closing date Friday, September 28, 2018

Contact    : 〒 428-0504 2629-190, Ikawa, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi

         ribaueru Ikawa skiing area Tel 054-260-2316

warabikokaranoo news [schedule of September]

We will tell about events of warabikokara September.

For more details, please see this calendar. → warabiko schedule (30.9) .pdf