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About access road to Kuchisakamoto hot spring bathhouse

We appreciate your usually using Kuchisakamoto hot spring bathhouse.

It becomes closed and, in prefectural road Route 27 (Ikawa lake going out line) Kuchisakamoto, cannot come now from the Ikawa area as hodo occurs.

Therefore we would appreciate your coming from the prefectural road Route 27 Ochiai area to Kuchisakamoto hot spring bathhouse.

In addition, suspension of traffic is carried out in the Ochiai area in time from March 26, 2018. As for the details, please see the following attached file.

Information for regulation (contact last existence) .pdf

In addition, please confirm road traffic regulation Information before departure in "shizumichi info" as it may become traffic regulation about other roads.

I am sorry to cause trouble.

In addition, about Information, inquiries such as road restoration, please ask "shizumichi info" or Aoi north road Maintenance Division.

※Shizuoka City road traffic regulation Information "shizumichi info" is