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News from Shizuoka City

The governor honoring was conferred to Umegashima, large substitute site ward.

"fujinokuni was made with dignified ozato (irregularity) beautifully", and the governor honoring type was held in November 27, 2017.

 Nishizato, Shimizu-ku and Aoi-ku University charges (ojiro) were chosen as jushoozato (irregularity) this year among Shizuoka City with Kakegawa-shi East Yamaguchi, Nishiyamaguchi.

 Meeting in Ojirocho works on Shizuoka University department of agriculture and "one one village Shizuoka exercise"; ten years. Management such as tea plantations through agroenvironmental training of the university is honoring by "collaboration activity" for work and local problem solution raising its steady result.

■Large substitute site ward                      

Large substitute site ward. jpg

■Governor Kawakatsu address

The governor congratulatory address. jpg

■The letter of honoring conferment (daidai)                  

The conferment. jpg


Representative greetings. jpg

■It is represented Nishizato, Shimizu-ku, daidai, East Yamaguchi, Nishiyamaguchi by the left     

From the left. jpg

■People concerned such as daidai and Shizuoka University

The person concerned. jpg


 Umegashima tourist information center (the village tennis hall of konya)

 Telephone 090-6800-0322

 The alliance public information secretariat farmland Maintenance Section made with fujinokuni beautifully dignified ozato  

Telephone 054-221-2714   

OKU-SIZ Events calendar (for December)

Untitled work. png

Wasabi hermit. jpg(wasabi hermit)

※There is possibility of full thanks (the deadline) depending on course, too. We would appreciate your confirmation to each sponsor beforehand.

About the winter season business of village facility inner "house of fish fish" of fish fish

We appreciate your usually using light swamp pro-water garden "village of fish fish".

Restaurant in facility will tell about business for the winter season of "house of fish fish".

It should be business only for Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from December 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but understanding and cooperation would like light swamp pro-water garden to all of the use.

In addition, "village of fish fish" (fishing ponds) will be open as usual.

About by night special business of Umegashima Nitta hot spring "Kogane-no-Yu"

About Umegashima Shinden Onsen "Kogane-no-Yu" where colored leaves reached the best time to see, it is announcement of special business by night.

We carry out every month only on third Saturday, but usually carry out business in particular by night for particularly following three days in November.

After the appreciation of waterfall of Akamizu that you lighted up, please thoroughly enjoy smooth hot spring by car slipperily in Kogane-no-Yu of about ten minutes!

 Conduct day Saturday, November 11, 18th Saturday, three days of 25th Saturday

 Time from 17:30 to 20:30 (20:00 sellout)

 Rate 400 yen for adults 100 yen for children

 ※Please note that extension is not possible at time that we step over normal business hours (... 17:30).

Come to Kogane-no-Yu by all means at this opportunity!

Reference Kogane-no-Yu TEL054-269-2615


(the colored leaves situation of 11/9 Kogane-no-Yu)

Announcement of OKU-SIZ hot spring, dainty food stamp rally first prize shipment completion

 Application of popular OKU-SIZ hot spring, dainty food stamp rally first lottery held closed on September 30, 2017.  

 We perform fair lottery and will tell all elected candidates as I sent prize. During period, many of you used municipal 5 hot spring and eating and drinking processing product sales place, and, also, thank you very much for much application.

 We accept application of OKU-SIZ hot spring, dainty food stamp rally second lottery until January 31, next year! Please thoroughly enjoy high quality hot spring which OKU-SIZ is proud of at this opportunity.

For more details, we check brochure! Let's enjoy OKU-SIZ slowly and carefully!

As for the details, please see brochure.

OKU-SIZ hot spring, dainty food stamp rally (leaflet list) .pdf

OKU-SIZ hot spring, dainty food stamp rally (among leaflets) .pdf

Stamp rally mount. pdf

(we print stamp mount, and let's participate!)