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OKU-SIZ Events calendar (for November)

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Wasabi hermit. jpg(wasabi hermit)

※There is possibility of full thanks (the deadline) depending on course, too. We would appreciate your confirmation to each sponsor beforehand.

About held postponement of Shinrinkoen Yasuragi-no-Mori "autumn festival"

We appreciate your usually using Shimizu Forest Park.

Because, about autumn festival that planned holding on Sunday, October 29, stormy weather is expected under the influence of typhoon,

We will postpone holding on Sunday, November 5.

We look forward to your visiting.

※Please refer to Shinrinkoen control center (054-395-2999) for the details.

Shizuoka City Sugio prospects rest station "comes of flower"; about no business

 "Oh, Shizuoka City Sugio prospects rest station usually comes", and thank you for your use of ogo.

We will tell about change on business day of October.

For urgent facility repair, we do Wednesday, October 25 with temporary holiday.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate your understanding.