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Campground Information of OKU-SIZ

Camping. JPG

It is Information of campground in OKU-SIZ area☆
Please enjoy Nature this summer in outdoor☆

[government campground]

(1) Minami-Alps Ikawa automatic campground

It is municipal automatic campground located in the shore of the Ikawa dam best style part. There are 41 divisions in tent site, and there are cooking rice room, flush lavatory, hot spring bath, coin laundry, coin shower.

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(2) House of Minami-Alps UNESCO eco-park Ikawa nature

It is Oku-Oi, Ikawa district, municipal campground in place of 1,000m above sea level around the Fujimi Pass. In Ikawa lake, we can hope for Minami-Alps under eyes to the north.

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(3) Forest of citizens of Shizuoka

It is campground near Mt. Oku-Oi, Ikawa district, perception line peak, Sasayama, Buddhist monk under prefectural management. Is appointed in Oku-Oi prefectural nature park, and there is "forest of huge tree" where huge trees of several hundred years years old form a line in the outskirts.

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(4) Umegashima campground

It is municipal campground in Abe-Oku, Umegashima district. There are Hot spring facility and tennis court in the outskirts. 90 tent sites rent tent.

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(5) Tamakawa camping center

It is municipal campground in Abe-Oku, Tamakawa district. There are accommodation ridge or bungalow of 25 capacity and can enjoy barbecue. (there is no tent site.)

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(6) Kurokawa campground

It is Oku-Shimizu, Ryo-Gochi district, municipal campground in Shimizu Forest Park. We contact clear stream Kurokawa and can enjoy having a swim in a river. Hot spring bathhouse (Yamasemi-no-Yu) is in Shinrinkoen, too.

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[private campground]

(1) Umegashima Kinzan Onsen

It is in Abe-Oku, Umegashima district, Umegashima Nitta district. We stay at log house and can enjoy barbecue. There are ground or pool of wide lawn. In addition, there is "village of light swamp pro-water garden fish fish" in neighborhood, of a kind of trout can enjoy seizing.

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(2) Evergreen garden

It is Abe-Oku, Tamakawa district, campground in Kakishima. Barbecue ground, amagono fishing pond are in area and can taste fish which we caught on the spot.

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(3) Yunoshima hot spring open space

We can enjoy camping in Oku-Warashina, Okawa district, open space along the Warashina River of Yunoshima. There are Yunoshima hot spring and restaurant "genkokuchaoku" and can enjoy hot spring and local seasonal taste.

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(4) Fujikawa Camp Hill "LUNA-Luna"

It is Oku-Warashina, Kiyosawa district, campground in Kuromata. At campground of top of mountain of 730m above sea level, tent site is in hill and forest. In addition, Mongolian mobile house "gel" meets.

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For Events calendar June


Wasabi hermit. jpg(wasabi hermit)

※There is possibility of full thanks (the deadline) depending on course, too. We would appreciate your confirmation to each sponsor beforehand.

◆Let's participate in OKU-SIZ hot spring, dainty food stamp rally!

2017B3 poster. png

A lot of excellent hot water, dainty food is ... in ... OKU-SIZ

☆Stamp rally holding over OKU-SIZ hot spring and "dainty food" proud of outstanding spring quality☆

For more details, we check brochure! Let's enjoy OKU-SIZ slowly and carefully!

Period: From Thursday, June 1, 2017 to Wednesday, January 31, 2018

OKU-SIZ hot spring, dainty food stamp rally (leaflet list) .pdf

OKU-SIZ hot spring, dainty food stamp rally (among leaflets) .pdf

Stamp rally mount. pdf

(we print stamp mount, and let's participate!)

Information for 2017 first hunting license examination

Conduct contents were made public about hunting license examination in 2017. As there is preliminary class held beforehand, everybody state, please comes and joins.

●The first hunting license examination

The date and time, place of 1 examination

 The date and time: Sunday, August 27, 2017 9:00 a.m. ...

 Venue: Eastern general government building (1-3, Takashimahoncho, Numazu-shi)

    Shizuoka synthesis government building (2-20, Ariakecho, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi)

    Chuen synthesis government building (3599-4, Mitsuke, Iwata-shi)

 Type of license: Net hunting, trap hunting, first-class hunting, the second kind hunting

Reception desk period of 2 applications, submission (bringing or mail)

 Reception desk period: From Monday, June 26, 2017 to Friday, July 28

 Submission: List of each the prefecture agriculture and forestry office Shizuoka agriculture and forestry office. pdf

 ※ In the case of mail, we will recommend procedure that shipment record including simple registered mail remains.

3 references: Each the prefecture agriculture and forestry office (please refer to 2 PDF)

 For more details, please see this material

●Preliminary class (sponsorship: general incorporated association Shizuoka hunting club)   ※Attendance is not duty

(1) Shizuoka venue

  The date and time: Saturday, July 22 from 9:50 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

  Venue: Shizuoka misgovernment leads to the impoverishment of the people hall (5-1, Kuroganecho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi)

  Capacity: 300 (net, 200 traps, kind gun, two kinds of guns 100) first-come-first-served bases

(2) Numazu venue

  The date and time: Thursday, July 20 from 9:50 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

  Venue: Numazu misgovernment leads to the impoverishment of the people hall (1-3, Takashimahoncho, Numazu-shi)

  Capacity: 120 (100 traps, kind gun 20) first-come-first-served bases

  Contents: Laws and ordinances lecture, knowledge distinction of the birds and beasts, knowledge and practical skill of net trap, the check resolution, operation of simulated gun

  Tuition: 9,000 yen (we include materials, lunch charges. As for the member of hunting club 7,000 yen)

  Application period: From Thursday, June 1 to Friday, June 30 

  Contact information The Shizuoka hunting club secretariat

           9-18, Otemachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi Shizuoka Chuo Building

           Telephone: 054-253-6427 FAX: 054-253-6435

    Please ask hunting club directly about preliminary class.

Shizuoka City Sugio prospects rest station "comes of flower"; about no transfer closure

 "Oh, Shizuoka City Sugio prospects rest station usually comes", and thank you for your use of ogo.

About business of Sunday, May 14, it should be transfer closure of temporary sales in regular holiday on Thursday, May 4 in GW.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate your understanding.

warabikokaranoo news [schedule of May]

We will tell about events of warabikokara May.

For more details, please see this calendar. → warabiko schedule [May] .pdf