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We raise Community Revitalization Aid in 3 areas of OKU-SIZ!

Shizuoka City is ordinance-designated city where the south quite grows by 83.1km from Minami-Alps which the mountains of 3,000m grade range to the north and south to Suruga Bay of depth of the water 2,500m in the  north located at the center of Honshu. Area called "OKU-SIZ" located in the northern part is area full of nature among the mountains.

In the area raising Community Revitalization Aid this time, "Tamakawa district" is 3 areas of "Kiyosawa district" among such an OKU-SIZ "Ikawa district". These areas have charms of taste only in the area, traditional culture and most such as warm personality only in the country that have been followed for a long time let alone rich natural environments.

However, as for the aging progress, there are circumstances that enough promotion cannot plan only by vitality of local resident the depopulation remarkably while having much charm, and there becomes local problem. We solve problem while cooperating with local resident in 3 such areas and recruit members working on community revitalization activity.



Tamakawa scenery photograph. jpg 

 [about Community Revitalization Aid]

1 activity district

(1) Ikawa district

  Ikawa lake. jpg Colored leaves of Ikawa, hatake*daitsurikyo. JPG 03-03-01_maedakekaraakaishi.JPG

It is communities of the northernmost part of Shizuoka City spreading through doorway of the Minami-Alps southern part. Is appointed in graded area of the Minami-Alps UNESCO eco-park, and, in rich natural environments to remain on this ground and the culture that lived together, the worldwide value is recognized. In addition, a lot of broadleaf trees dye leaf into red, yellow around communities in autumn, and colored leaves that it seems to surface of a lake of Lake Ikawa are right superb views.


(2) Tamakawa district

  44CB6529.JPG 309.jpg CIMG1633.JPG

It is area spreading out in branch of the first-grade river Abe River water system, Abenakagouchi River, Nishigodo abandonment area. In area where forestry and cultivation of tea are prosperous, there are person of much forestry, tea farmers now for a long time. In addition, farm products processing sale place "ball yura" and whiskey distillation ground is founded recently and shows upsurge and attracts attention as new tourist attraction of OKU-SIZ.


(3) Kiyosawa district

  CIMG0513.jpg Wild boar croquette. JPG ☆Kuromata big ginkgo tree. JPG

It is area spreading out in branch of the first-grade river Abe River water system, Warashina River, Kuromata abandonment area. There are many angler, having a swim in a river and families enjoying angling by decoy of sweetfish in the Warashina River on the weekend enjoying barbecue and is founded. In addition, we work on product development that processed lemon and wild boar meat which we were able to take in area positively and utilize them and work on regional activation.



2 activity contents

(1) Common contents  ※It is activity that all cooperation members perform.

①Collection, rearranging of local Information

②Interchange with local resident

③Cooperation to promotion measure that inhabitants of city and communities perform

④Dispatch of local Information including update of city homepage

⑤In addition, activity that city admits that they are necessary about local promotion and report


(2) Individual contents  ※About theme that city appointed, we have you move into action.

①Ikawa, Aoi-ku district

 Activity to suffer from industrialization and conduct of when "we are not this this first business"

  ※It is community revitalization business that the business mentioned above receives assistance to city for three years and carries out.

   About examination of process of contents and business, conduct of business, local resident works.

②Tamakawa, Aoi-ku district

   Community revitalization activity in connection with farm products processing sale place "ball yura" and whiskey distillation ground

③Aoi-ku Kiyosawa district

   Community revitalization activity utilizing local product (lemon, wild boar meat)



3 term 

From  January 1, 2017 (standard) to December 31, 2019

※About the term start date as needed of borrowing provide consultation.

※We consider from duty results and shall update term together with 2001 (up to three years).



4 working hours

We almost work for around 32 hours 30 minutes a week (on duty day, irregular) 



5 remuneration

Monthly basis 208,000 yen (there are no commutation allowance, overtime allowance)

But activity period calculates the moon less than one month on a daily-rate basis.



6 and others

(1) There is no hiring with city (we do not take out unemployment insurance).

(2) As for the social insurance (health insurance, national pension), I would like participation in the responsibility of each person.

(3) When we live in prepared house in cities, rent is not caused (as for the but photothermal water costs each person

  In this burden).

(4) We prepare about expense about vehicle and activity for activity in cities.

(5) On as will have live after the arrival at post in the area, applying; local beforehand

  We recommend that we have you confirm state. When local guidance is necessary, beforehand

  Please contact the following reference.



[the application point]

1 qualifications

(1) Correspond to "application possibility" in the right or wrong column of application of the Shizuoka suburbs and following local requirements list; local, live, after the arrival at post activity ahead and person (please confirm which area current place of residence corresponds to by the following confirmation list.who local, move with resident's card, and can work on community revitalization activity that it is In addition, the right or wrong of application is different by the address ground when there is mention that there is limit in the right or wrong column of application. Please contact the following reference for the details.)

Reference ⇒ area requirements confirmation list. pdf


    (local requirements list)

Of the present

Place of residence

City area

Some conditions

Disadvantage area

All condition

Disadvantage area

Of application

The right or wrong

We can apply

We can apply

(there is limit)

It is impossible of application


(2) Person until about 22 years old - 60 years old to be able to perform community revitalization in cooperation with local resident

(3) Person who is usually available for mountain local driving having driving license

(4) Person who is not the staff (including person following the staff) or the member of Motoichi city assembly



2 application staff

 By each one area



3 application methods

(1) Submission documents

①Shizuoka City Community Revitalization Aid application application (attached sheet style) ⇒ Community Revitalization Aid application application. doc

②Short essay

"My ability that you want to make use of in Community Revitalization Aid" features the theme of either about "local activation method that you wish to work" on, and it makes "to want to move into action as Community Revitalization Aid", and please submit (possible format freedom, word processor in around 1,000 characters, A4).


(2) Submission

421-1212 538-11, Sendai, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi

Person in charge of mountains promotion section plan out of Shizuoka City Economic Affairs Bureau agriculture and forestry Marine Products Division (possible mail)


(3) Deadline for submission

Postmark is effective on Monday, October 31, 2016



About 4 selection

(1) Selection method

We decide adopter by short essay and interview. We notify of the date and time of interview and venue after the documents examination.

(2) Notice of result

We notify of result by mail in the end of November.

(3) Others

Submission of required document to order separately is necessary, and passer becomes adoption after the confirmation of the documents concerned.



5 references  

  Person in charge of mountains promotion section plan out of Shizuoka City Economic Affairs Bureau agriculture and forestry Marine Products Division

 TEL: 054-294-8805 

FAX: 054-278-3908


OKU-SIZ Events calendar (for October)



  Where? What do you do? Inquiry
Daily Saturday others Abe-Oku, Ushizuma Let's knit the best and tunic with key stick The Abe time
13:30-15:30 (all six times) "The Abe time" 054-294-2501
Daily Saturday, 2nd Sunday Miyagasakicho, Aoi-ku

Grand performance of sacred music and dancing at the Ise Shrine festival & convention restaurant

Cultural assets section
10:00 ... Shizuoka Asama Shrine 054-221-1066
Daily from Saturday to 2nd Sunday Oku-Oi, Ikawa

Tom so shop autumn training camp

House of Ikawa nature
2 days and 1 night House of Ikawa nature 054-260-2761
2nd Sunday Oku-Shimizu, Ryo-Gochi

OKU-SIZ hot spring Festivals         (Yamasemi-no-Yu)

The medium mountains promotion section
10:00-14:00 Nishizato, Shimizu hot spring "Yamasemi-no-Yu" 054-294-8806
4th Tuesday Shizuoka city area

Autumn sightseeing caravan

Ikawa Tourism Association
9:00-15:00 Green leaves symbol road 054-260-2377
6th Thursday Abe-Oku, Ushizuma

Village forest nobaabano taste         Making soba experience

The Abe time
9:30-13:00 "The Abe time" 054-294-2501
7th Friday Abe-Oku, Ushizuma

The first making of sausage and smoking

The Abe time
10:00-13:00 "The Abe time" 054-294-2501
8th Saturday Oku-Oi, Tashiro

OKU-SIZ hot spring Festivals (white birch-so)

The medium mountains promotion section
10:00-15:00 Minami-Alps Akaishi Onsen "white birch-so" 054-294-8806
9th Sunday Mizumiiro, Aoi-ku

Walk and the making of butter knife of forest

The medium mountains promotion section
10:00-15:00 Takayama, Shimin-no-Mori 054-294-8807
15th Saturday Ohara, Aoi-ku

Making soba of warabikode October

13:00-15:00 warabiko 054-270-1501
16th Sunday Mizumiiro, Aoi-ku

Forestry experience classroom for adult    (intermediate)

The medium mountains promotion section
10:00-15:00 Takayama, Shimin-no-Mori 054-294-8807
①15th from Saturday to 16th Sunday ② 22nd from Saturday to 23rd Sunday Oku-Oi, Ikawa

From paths of Kawane to Ikawa           (Ikawa whole experience)

House of Ikawa nature
Each 2 days and 1 night House of Ikawa nature 054-260-2761
16th Sunday Shizuoka city

shizumae, OKU-SIZ Festival

Fisheries fishing port section
10:00-20:00 Green leaves symbol road 054-354-2337
16th Sunday Abe-Oku, Ushizuma

It is made with pizza in seasonal fruit

The Abe time
10:00-12:30 "The Abe time" 054-294-2501
16th Sunday Oku-Oi, Ikawa

We experience harvest of nameko in ribaueru Ikawa skiing area

The medium mountains promotion section
10:00 ... ribaueru Ikawa skiing area 054-294-8806
22nd Saturday Oku-Oi, Ikawa

Aoi traveler Ikawa          "The second maple Nordic events"

Aoi-ku area General Administration Division

Minami-Alps          Ikawa automatic campground

22nd Saturday Oku-Oi, Ikawa

Forest nature observation society of huge tree       Trip ... which looks for ... small autumn

The medium mountains promotion section
8:00-16:00 Forest of huge tree 054-294-8807
23rd Sunday Oku-Oi, Ikawa

Annual festival of Ikawa-daibutsu Great Buddha autumn       (Rogation Days, lottery, mochi scattering)

Ikawa Tourism Association
11:00-12:00 Ikawa-daibutsu Great Buddha 054-260-2377
29th Saturday Oku-Shimizu, Wadashima

Wadashima de Halloween

House of Wadashima, Shimizu nature
13:00-19:30 House of Wadashima, Shimizu nature 054-395-2611
30th Sunday Oku-Oi, Ikawa

Ikawa maple marathon event

Ikawa maple marathon    Executive committee
10:00 ... It is Buddhist monk from ribaueru Ikawa skiing area 054-260-2377
30th Sunday Oku-Warashina, Okawa OKU-SIZ hot spring Festivals (Yunoshima hot spring) The medium mountains promotion section
9:30-14:30 Yunoshima hot spring bathhouse 054-294-8806
30th Sunday Oku-Warashina, Okawa

Aoi traveler Okawa           "Yunoshima hot spring Festival"

Aoi-ku area General Administration Division
9:00-16:00 Yunoshima hot spring bathhouse 054-221-1051
30th Sunday Oku-Warashina, Akazawa

Oldness and the teahouse 25th anniversary

Oldness and teahouse
9:00 ... Oldness and teahouse Parking 054-295-3103




Wasabi hermit. jpg(wasabi hermit)

※There is possibility of full thanks (the deadline) depending on course, too. We would appreciate your confirmation to each sponsor beforehand.

Takayama, Shimin-no-Mori is opened.

We closed under the influence of typhoon No.16 from September 21, but are opened now as repair work was completed.

We look forward to your coming.

Announcement of temporary closure of "house, bamboo shoot of shomi"

We appreciate your usually using "house, bamboo shoot of shomi".

About today's business, it should be closed because of heavy rain temporarily.

We look forward to the next use.

Announcement of "Kuchisakamoto, Shizuoka-shi hot spring bathhouse" temporary closure

We appreciate your usually using Kuchisakamoto, Shizuoka-shi hot spring bathhouse.

As, about today's business, the entire surface by hodo in the neighborhood of prefectural road Route 27 (Ikawa lake going out line) Kamiochiai is closed,

It should be closed temporarily.

We look forward to next visit.

Announcement of Shizuoka City Kiyosawa oldness and interchange facility extra holiday of "kiyosawa village station"

We appreciate your usually using kiyosawa village station.

About today's business, it should be closed because of heavy rain temporarily.

We look forward to the next use.

Announcement of prefectural road Route 27 suspension of traffic

Thank you for having you always support OKU-SIZ.

It is news that I am sorry for for OKU-SIZ fans.


Landslide was generated near Kamiochiai of prefectural road Route 27 (Ikawa lake going out line) and, under the influence of rain which it continued to rain from last night, has been closed to traffic.


With that, Kuchisakamoto hot spring bathhouse should be closed temporarily. 

Person gone to the Ikawa area, please use prefectural road Route 60 (Minami-Alps Park Line) from prefectural road Route 189 (three peak Ochiai Line) or the Warashina area.

About Minami-Alps Akaishi Onsen "white birch-so" temporary sales

We appreciate your always using "white birch-so".

As every Tuesday is regular holiday, but Monday is the last day of mountain hut for 19 days of the day before,

We will do business temporarily on Tuesday, September 20.

We look forward to your coming.