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We raise Ikawa Community Revitalization Aid again!

 "Ikawa area" recruiting Community Revitalization Aid in ordinance-designated city where the south lengthens to 83.1km of the north and south from Minami-Alps that the north quite includes the mountains of 3,000m grade located at the center of Honshu as for the Shizuoka City to Suruga Bay of depth of the water 2,500m at this time is the north commuity of Shizuoka City.


"Ikawa area" is appointed in graded area of "Minami-Alps" which caught authorization of the UNESCO eco-park, and it is accepted district worldwide, but the depopulation, aging advances, and there is the fact that charm cannot send to only by vitality of local resident enough.


We send the charm in cooperation with local everybody this time in such an "Ikawa area" and recruit members performing community revitalization.


01-015-04 Ikawa-ohashi Bridge 2.jpg 



1 activity contents

 (1) Common contents...It is activity that all cooperation members perform.

  ①Collection, rearranging of local Information

  ②Interchange with local resident

  ③Cooperation to promotion measure that inhabitants of city and communities perform

  ④Public information (reporting) of local Information including update of city homepage

  ⑤Activity that city admits that they are necessary about promotion of Ikawa district and report


 (2) Individual contents...About theme that city appointed, we have you move into action.

  ①Activity about conduct of when "we are not this this first business"

   Is Shizuoka City's original local promotion measure, when "is not, utilize this this first business",

   It is activity making structure of branding and sale of local resources in cooperation with local resident.


2 activity districts

  Ikawa, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi district


It is targeted for subscription for 3

 (1) Where transfer of resident's card to Ikawa, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi is possible in the residence in area except condition disadvantage area

    ※Please confirm whether current place of residence corresponds to condition disadvantage area from ↓ ↓.

     Any unclear points, please contact the following reference.

 (2) Person until about 22 years old - 60 years old to be able to perform community revitalization in cooperation with inhabitants of Ikawa area

 (3) Person who is usually available for mountain local driving having driving license

 (4) Person who is not the staff (including person following the staff) or the member of Motoichi city assembly


  ※Offer guidance, the application point is this → Recruitment of Ikawa Community Revitalization Aid guidance. pdf


The subscription for 4 number of people

  One woman (two members of man have already taken up their new post)


5 working hours

  We almost work for around 32 hours 30 minutes a week


6 appointment periods

It   is decided after consultation at time of arrival at post and does March 31, 2017 from arrival at post with term.

  ※When duty results are good, we may update term together with one year (up to three years).


7 member remuneration

  Monthly basis 208,000 yen

  ※Activity period calculates the moon less than one month on a daily-rate basis.


Flow of 8 selection

 (1) Submission documents

   ①Ichiigawa, Shizuoka Community Revitalization Aid application application

     Community Revitalization Aid application application. doc

     Community Revitalization Aid application application. pdf



   "Wanting to be active by community revitalization" "ability of me who want to make use in Community Revitalization Aid,"

   We make as "activated method of Ikawa area" noizurekanitsuiteo theme and submit

   (possible format freedom, word processor in around 1,000 characters, A4)


 (2) Submission


   538-11, Sendai, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi

   Person in charge of mountains promotion section plan out of Shizuoka City Economic Affairs Bureau agriculture and forestry Marine Products Division

   ※Mail is possible


 (3) Offer period

   From Wednesday, June 1, 2016 to Friday, July 1


 (4) Selection method

   It is decided by documents and interview.

   ※On the date and time of interview, we will notify of place later.


9 and others

  ・There is no hiring (participation to unemployment insurance) with city

  ・Social insurance (health insurance, national pension) joins in the responsibility of each person

  ・There is no medical treatment (commutation allowance, overtime allowance)

  ・Each person bears photothermal water costs which occurred in living

  ・About expense about vehicle and activity for activity, we prepare in cities

  ・When we live in prepared thing in cities about house, we are free of charge


10 references

  Person in charge of mountains promotion section plan out of Shizuoka City Economic Affairs Bureau agriculture and forestry Marine Products Division

  TEL: 054-294-8805

    FAX: 054-278-3908



OKU-SIZ Events calendar (for June)



  Where? What do you do? Inquiry

4th from Saturday to 5th Sunday

Oku-Oi, Ikawa Ikawa de barbecue House of Ikawa nature

2 days and 1 night

House of Ikawa nature 054-260-2761

4th Saturday, 11th Saturday

Oku-Shimizu, Wadashima Wadashima de grabbing collecting & firefly House of Wadashima, Shimizu nature


House of Wadashima, Shimizu nature 054-395-2611

5th Sunday

Sunpucho, Aoi-ku Tamakawa camping center          Umegashima campground             Summer vacation use lottery Sports promotion section

9:30-10:00 (reception desk)

Center the third floor of the gymnasium 054-221-1071

5th Sunday, all 19th Sunday twice

Abe-Oku, Ushizuma History course of Abe-Oku The Abe time


"The Abe time" 054-294-2501

8th Wednesday senior         Meeting civic for 19 days on Sunday

Oku-Warashina, Fukori Civic sweet fish fishing meet, senior sweet fish fishing meet The Abe Warashina River       Fishermen's cooperative association


The Warashina River 054-272-3111

12th Sunday

Abe-Oku, Ushizuma The making of village forest nobaabano taste oak rice cake The Abe time


"The Abe time" 054-294-2501

12th Sunday

Abe-Oku, Katsurayama Aoi traveler Tamakawa           "Mountain hydrangea Festivals and hiking" Aoi-ku area General Administration Division


Long light temple 054-221-1051

12th Sunday

Mizumiiro, Aoi-ku Walk and the making of bamboo flute of forest The medium mountains promotion section


Takayama, Shimin-no-Mori 054-294-8807

17th Friday

Abe-Oku, Umegashima Umegashima disaster 50 years            The succession, disaster prevention lecture to the future Construction policy section


Umegashima elementary and junior high school 054-221-1446

17th Friday

Mizumiiro, Aoi-ku In Mizumiiro              Tea picking experience of the fresh green and mini-walk Warashina Lifelong Learning Center


Warashina Lifelong Learning Center 054-278-4141

18th Saturday

Abe-Oku, Ushizuma We plant crop and seedling of wasabi and experience The Abe time


"The Abe time" 054-294-2501

18th from Saturday to 19th Sunday

Oku-Oi, Ikawa Natural experience-based activity leader upbringing course House of Ikawa nature

2 days and 1 night

House of Ikawa nature 054-260-2761

All five times to include on Saturday, June 18

Oku-Shimizu, Wadashima It is course ... in this way line to rice field in ... half day Ryo-Gochi lifelong learning interchange building


Ryo-Gochi lifelong learning interchange building 054-395-2311
All five times to include on Saturday, June 18 Oku-Shimizu, Wadashima It is course ... so line to rice field for ... one day House of Wadashima, Shimizu nature


House of Wadashima, Shimizu nature 054-395-2611

25th Saturday

Higashikusabukacho, Aoi-ku Snow grouse of Minami-Alps        The habitation situation investigation supporter    The training course Environmental creation section


IJssel 21 054-221-1357

26th Sunday

Oku-Shimizu, Wadashima Wadashima de swamp flag & hiking House of Wadashima, Shimizu nature


House of Wadashima, Shimizu nature 054-395-2611


Wasabi hermit. jpg(wasabi hermit)

※There is possibility of full thanks (the deadline) depending on course, too. We would appreciate your confirmation to each sponsor beforehand.

To all of you going for mountain climbing [bear haunting attention!]

Over these several days, "Information that we heard cry of bear" is put to the middle mountains promotion section to several "Information of scratch of bear" "witness Information of child bear" near ten pieces of mountains of Umegashima, Aoi-ku.


Fortunately, we may attack human being as mother is more likely to be to bear in the circumference of child bear although damage that said that we were attacked is not given, and bear more with children is ferocious to protect child.


When we enter mountain, we hope that we adopt coping such as bear bells by all means.

◆Recruitment of participants ◆6/25-26 Minami-Alps snow grouse supporter training course (Shizuoka, metropolitan area venue)

We will protect with all the treasures in the depths of Shizuoka

Do you not become supporter watching snow grouse of endangered Minami-Alps, too?


raichosapo 1.JPG raichosapo 2.JPG


Special natural monument "snow grouse" of country is considered to be remaining species of glacial epoch, and Minami-Alps (Shizuoka city limits) is assumed world southern limit of snow grouse habitat.
Because we are doing this snow grouse with symbol of the UNESCO eco-park by Shizuoka City, Minami-Alps UNESCO eco-park constitution ten including Kawanehon-cho, and ten build structure investigating the habitation situation of snow grouse with mountaineers continuously altogether, we found Minami-Alps snow grouse supporter system.


We give certificate and handbook, pin badge to student attending a lecture when we have you attend the training course. (participation for free)
We authorize student attending a lecture to "Minami-Alps snow grouse supporter" and, in the case of mountain climbing in Minami-Alps, have witness Information of snow grouse approach.


H28 Minami-Alps snow grouse supporter training course flyer image. jpg

Flyer this (PDF: 1.6MB)


[the date and time, venue]

(1) Shizuoka venue Saturday, June 25, 2016 13:20-17:00 (opening 13:00 ...)

          The Shizuoka City woman Hall IJssel the fourth floor of 21 training room (3-18, Higashikusabukacho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi)

(2) Metropolitan area venue Sunday, June 26, 2016 13:50-17:30 (opening 13:30 ...)

          NOF Shinjuku south exit the fourth floor of the building seminar room A (2-4-9, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)


(1) About characteristic of Minami-Alps
   Committee member Takehiro Masuzawa (Shizuoka University department of science) specialized in Shizuoka City
(2) About the current situation of snow grouse of Minami-Alps about request and instructions of/snow grouse investigation
   Shizuoka snow grouse society's chairperson Toshiharu Asakura

[object, rate]
40 people (majority lottery), participation are free in anyone


[application method]

To the following reference, apply by telephone, FAX.
The application deadline: Monday, June 13, 2016
Mention contents: "Full name" (furigana) "address" "telephone" (cell phone number) "e-mail address" "snow grouse Information mail delivery desired presence"

[application, reference]

Shizuoka City environment creation section
〒420-8602 5-1, Otemachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka
TEL: 054-221-1357, FAX: 054-221-1492


Minami-Alps world natural heritage registration promotion meeting
 (Yamanashi: Nirasaki-shi, Minami-Alps-shi, Hokuto-shi, Hayakawacho)
 (Nagano: Iida-shi, Ina-shi, Fujimi-machi, Oshika-mura)
 (Shizuoka: Shizuoka City, Kawanehon-cho)

Ministry of the Environment Kanto district environment office

Even Yamanashi holds this training course on Sunday, June 12. (adjusting Nagano venue)

To all of you who will think of mountain climbing in a few days

May began, and it became warm, and it was gradually for just right comfortable climate to climb a mountain.


By rain which it continued to rain for three days, a part of forest road Higashimata lane which is entrance of Minami-Alps Shizuoka side collapses, and damage accompanied with the rain of thing that there is little number comes out of May 9 in such a case.


Most of damage restore, and Information of mountain trail collapse does not enter, but the situation that "is easy to collapse" even now or "is slippery" that rain rose continues now.

When you go for mountain climbing, please be careful about accidents such as slipping down enough.


In addition, for the worst state, we have it be thorough to submit mountain climbing plan to the mountain climbing post or police station of mountain trail entrance and would appreciate your fun by mountain climbing.



The preventive measures against Shizuoka mountains accidents meeting Shizuoka City branch office secretariat


Announcement of warabiko "beginner's class PC course" holding

We will hold the beginner's class PC course in Warashina city mountain village interchange center "warabiko".

We perform all six times during from June 8 to August 24.

It is under two weeks until deadline for application, but is raising very much!

Do you not become able to manage PC at this opportunity?

※The details are this → Warashina city mountain village interchange center _ beginner's class PC course. pdf

Please refer for matahawarabikoheo. TEL054-270-1501