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OKU-SIZ Events calendar (for April)

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3rd Sunday

Oku-Warashina, Okawa Okawa tea Festival JA Okawa, Shizuoka-shi Branch


Okawa, Aoi-ku 054-291-2221

10th Sunday

Abe-Oku, Umegashima Konya Onsen spring festival Aoi-ku area General Administration Division


Village cherry tree garden of Umegashima konya 054-221-1051

10 Sunday

Yuyama, Aoi-ku Weeping cherry tree Festival of Yuyama Aoi-ku area General Administration Division


In front of JA Matsuno, Shizuoka-shi Branch 054-221-1051

16th Saturday

Oku-Shimizu, Tozurasawa Let's plant tree in forest!          Bamboo shoot moat rimoaruyo! The Okitsu River maintenance citizen meeting


Shimin-no-Mori and the outskirts 054-221-1319

16th from Saturday to 17th Sunday

Oku-Shimizu, Wadashima Spring camping to be heated to be heated House of Wadashima nature

2 days and 1 night

House of Wadashima nature 054-395-2611

29th Friday

Oku-Oi, Tashiro Akaishi Onsen festival Ikawa promotion society


"White birch-so" 054-260-2021
30th from Saturday to Sunday, May 1 Oku-Oi, Ikawa Ikawa de wild plants gourmet House of Ikawa nature

2 days and 1 night

House of Ikawa nature 054-260-2761

23rd Saturday

Oku-Oi, Ikawa ribaueru Ikawa                      Spring ski OPEN! ribaueru Ikawa
  ribaueru Ikawa skiing area 054-260-2316

Wasabi hermit. jpg(wasabi hermit)

※There is possibility of full thanks (the deadline) depending on course, too. We would appreciate your confirmation to each sponsor beforehand.

The Minami-Alps UNESCO eco-park Ikawa visitor center (old Ikawa sightseeing hall) reopens after renovation!

The Minami-Alps UNESCO eco-park Ikawa visitor center is finally reopened.

It renovated showpiece as facility which sent introduction of the south Arp Sueko park and charm of Ikawa district and was reborn as people who came for the first time as facility of plain Information full loading.

How about visiting Ikawa that snowy left Minami-Alps, green are sending out buds this spring?


The Minami-Alps UNESCO eco-park Ikawa visitor center


The IVC appearance. jpg IVC introspectiveness. jpg

IVC crossroads. jpg

Announcement of end of ribaueru Ikawa winter season business

On Sunday, March 13, business became the end in the winter season of ribaueru Ikawa this year.

It was season to be annoyed by light snow under the influence of mild winter, but thank you very much for arriving to many people.

Business becomes the end in the winter season, but please arrive by all means as you start ski business in spring from April 23.

ribaueru winter season slope photograph


ribaueru Ikawa skiing area news that is impossible of run

Because there are few quantities of snow and cannot secure safe slope condition,

Run of ski snowboarding becomes impossible for a while from today.


In addition, we look forward to your visit as sled play, play with snow is open.


OKU-SIZ calendar (we add for March)

If notice; is already end of the fiscal year. It is time when both adult and child make a fuss for the new year.

We are tired noisily noisily every day on holiday from morning to evening.


Good spot is OKU-SIZ in such a case.

Both mind and body refresh in time going by leisurely if they spend time all day long!

Although it was cold in morning and evening, it became slightly warm, and beautiful flower has begun to bloom.

It is finally start of time full of charm of OKU-SIZ!


Of course OKU-SIZ is most suitable to spend holiday when not relaxing is active.

Mountain stream fishing was available, and hiking while we look at flower is comfortable♪

Let's possess in the new year to do the best too much, and not to be tired while taking a rest moderately.


Well, well, is OKU-SIZ calendar updating every month, but photograph of March...

It is flower of "Heloniopsis japonica" seen near hiking course of dairabo.

As it is hiking course easy to walk around, we can challenge in peace.

Why don't you go for a change?


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