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Planned news of "warabiko" March

We will publish this bracken schedule (March).

We attach on end of a sentence with PDF format.


warabiko March schedule. pdf

OKU-SIZ Events calendar (for March)

  Where? What do you do? Inquiry

5th Saturday

Mizumiiro, Aoi-ku Mushrooms Festival The medium mountains promotion section


Takayama, Shimin-no-Mori 054-294-8807

5th from Saturday to 6th Sunday

Oku-Shimizu, Wadashima Spring adventure 2016 House of Wadashima nature

2 days and 1 night

House of Wadashima nature 054-395-2611

6th Sunday

Abe-Oku, *ki We hit piece of shiitake The Abe time


"The Abe time" 054-294-2501

9th Wednesday

Abe-Oku, *ki The making of village forest nobaabano taste botamochi The Abe time

9: 30 - 12:00

"The Abe time" 054-294-2501

12th from Saturday to 13th Sunday

Abe-Oku, Umegashima Aoi-ku climate (FOOD) travelogue Umegashima edition Aoi-ku area General Administration Division

2 days and 1 night

Inari Shrine, Toho 054-221-1051

13th Sunday

Oku-Shimizu, Nishisato Sakura Festival Shimizu Forest Park      Control center


The Shimizu Forest Park control center side 054-395-2999

13th Sunday

Abe-Oku, *ki The first small bonsai The Abe time

10:00-12:00 (all three times)

"The Abe time" 054-294-2501

19th Saturday

Oku-Warashina, Ohara Making soba course of March warabiko


"warabiko" 054-270 - 1501

20th Sunday

Abe-Oku, Umegashima Plum Festival Aoi-ku area General Administration Division

7: 30 - 15:00

Umegashima women's society Umezono 054-221-1051

25th Friday

Abe-Oku, *ki We soak, and taste wasabi (wasabi) of mother of village forest is made The Abe time


"The Abe time" 054-294-2501

26th Saturday

Sendai, Aoi-ku Hit parent and child shiitake class piece; classroom Shizuoka shiitake producer association contact meeting


Forest where is green for 1,000 generations 054-278-3141
Wasabi hermit. jpg(wasabi hermit)

※There is possibility of full thanks (the deadline) depending on course, too. We would appreciate your confirmation to each sponsor beforehand.

[we OK store] We distribute "OKU-SIZ flag flag". ※Free the first 30 people

As part of OKU-SIZ promotion, we distribute "OKU-SIZ flag flag" to the first 30 people.

Let alone OKU-SIZ area, "restaurant" of central city area "engineering firm is "warm welcome", too".

We get "OKU-SIZ flag flag" by all means at this opportunity and wish that you can support OKU-SIZ in "oar Shizuoka" together.

◆Distribution number first arrival 30 people (February 24, 2016 start) ※Free of charge!

◆To application method telephone 054-294-8805 (the mountains promotion section out of Shizuoka City)

◆Come to the mountains promotion section out of Shizuoka City after distribution method reservation.

           (538-11, Sendai, Aoi-ku Shizuoka City forestry center)

◆Your distribution condition ① facility guesses OKU-SIZ, and there be.

       ②What OKU-SIZ brochure (A6 size) can arrange.

       ③OKU-SIZ logo can utilize profit positively, too.

       ④Being able to report notice photograph in your facility HP.

OKU-SIZ flag ② .jpg

We raise Ichiigawa, Shizuoka Community Revitalization Aid again.



Shizuoka City is ordinance-designated city where the south quite lengthens to 83.1km of the north and south from Minami-Alps which the mountains of 3,000m grade range to Suruga Bay of depth of the water 2,500m in the north located at the center of Honshu, and "Ikawa area" is the north commuity of Shizuoka City.

"Ikawa area" is appointed in graded area of "Minami-Alps" which caught authorization of the UNESCO eco-park, and it is accepted district worldwide, but the depopulation, aging advances, and there is the fact that charm cannot send to only by vitality of local resident enough.

We send the charm in cooperation with local everybody this time in such an "Ikawa area" and recruit members performing community revitalization.


[about Community Revitalization Aid]

1 activity contents


Common contents...It is activity that all cooperation members perform.

(1) Collection, rearranging of local Information

(2) Interchange with local resident

(3) Cooperation to promotion measure that inhabitants of city and communities perform

(4) Public information (reporting) of local Information including update of city homepage

(5) Activity that city admits that they are necessary about promotion of Ikawa district and report


 Individual contents...About either theme that city appointed, we have you move into action.

(1) Activity about conduct of when "we are not this this first business"

    Is Shizuoka City's original local promotion measure, when "is not, utilize this this first business", and is activity making structure of branding and sale of area resources in cooperation with local resident.


2 activity district Ikawa, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi districts




We consist of June 1, 2016 (plan) until March 31, 2017 for 3 term.

※We move back by up to one month about the start date for term and, about raising, provide consultation.

※We may update term together with one year only when duty results are good. Up to three years)


4 remuneration monthly basis 208,000 yen (plan)

 ※Activity period calculates the moon less than one month on a daily-rate basis.

   ※We almost work for around 32 hours 30 minutes a week (on duty day, irregular) 

  There is no medical treatment (commutation allowance, overtime allowance),

(each person, please bear photothermal water costs.)

About expense about vehicle and activity for activity, we prepare in cities.


5 and others       There is no hiring with city. (we do not take out unemployment insurance)

         As for the social insurance (health insurance, national pension), I would like participation in the responsibility of each person.

         When we live in prepared thing in cities about house, we become free of charge.


[the application point]...The application point downloading Ichiigawa, Shizuoka Community Revitalization Aid application point. doc / Ichiigawa, Shizuoka Community Revitalization Aid application point 2.pdf

(1) Not Shizuoka citizen, there is resident's card in around 3 metropolises, and it can travel resident's card in Ikawa, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi. (we confirm the living municipalities in local requirements list (area requirements list .pdf) and, in the case of application possibility, are possible by the following division. When there is limit, please refer as you vary according to the address grounds to live.)

Area to live

3 big city ranges

3 big city outside

3 big city ranges

3 big city outside

City area

Designated city

City area

Designated city

All condition disadvantage

Some conditions disadvantage

Designated city

All condition disadvantage

Some conditions disadvantage

Designated city

The application right or wrong

We can apply

We can apply

We can apply

We can apply

It is impossible of application

There is limit

There is limit

It is impossible of application

There is limit

There is limit

 (2)  Person until about 22 years old - 60 years old to be able to perform community revitalization in cooperation with inhabitants of Ikawa area

 (3) Person (mountain local road has point that is narrow-mindedness partially.) who is usually available for mountain local driving having driving license

 (4)  Person who is not the staff (include person following the staff.) or the member of Motoichi city assembly


2 application staff     One woman

        (because two men take up their new post as member so far, it should recruit women this time.)

3 application methods

 (1) Submission documents ① Ichiigawa, Shizuoka Community Revitalization Aid application application

          Community Revitalization Aid application application 2.doc

          Community Revitalization Aid application application 2.pdf



It features the theme of either about "my ability that you want to make use of in Community Revitalization Aid" "activation method of Ikawa area" "to want to be active by community revitalization" and makes, and please submit. (possible format freedom, word processor in around 1,000 characters, A4.)


 (2) 11 of submission421-1212 538, Sendai, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi

           Person in charge of mountains promotion section plan out of Shizuoka City Economic Affairs Bureau agriculture and forestry Marine Products Division

           ※ Mail is possible


(3)  Deadline for submission       Postmark is effective on Friday, March 11, 2016


5 selection methods      It is decided by documents and interview.

         ①  On the date and time of interview method interview, we notify of place after documents examination.

        (plan of the end of March)

         ② Notice of result        We notify of result by mail in the beginning of April.

         ③ Others    Submission of required document which passer orders separately is necessary, to                   

It becomes adoption after the confirmation of the said documents.   


6 references     Person in charge of mountains promotion section plan out of Shizuoka City government office Economic Affairs Bureau agriculture and forestry Marine Products Division

             TEL 054-294-8805     FAX 054-278-3908


ribaueru Ikawa skiing area some runs possible news

We had skiing of run of snowboarding with impossibility from last week,

As some slopes condition was restored

If run is possible, we do part of ski snowboarding.


We look forward to your visit.

ribaueru Ikawa skiing area news that is impossible of run

Quantity of snow decreases under the influence of the yesterday's heavy rain very much.

Because we cannot secure safe slope condition,

Run of ski snowboarding becomes impossible for a while from today.


In addition, we look forward to your visit as sled play, play with snow is open.


OKU-SIZ calendar (we add for February)

One month passed in no time when we thought that the New Year started.

As for the OKU-SIZ, severe cold continues every day.


We have image that is minus such as "road freezing up", and, speaking of OKU-SIZ of this time, there may be more "it is cold". Many flowers surely bloom like spring and it is not gorgeous and is not easy to spend time coolly like summer, and colorful scenery to be dyed in red yellow like autumn does not spread.


Even but there is lot even in winter, charm!

Attractive one is Japanese allspice (Japanese allspice) of Utogi that we can look at in February.

It is OKU-SIZ which can look at flower of having many kinds through one year, but it is this Japanese allspice in one year that blooms earliest.

Japanese allspice that local people planted together reaches the best time to see in February, and the communities whole area is wrapped in flavor of Japanese allspice♪


Holiday staying in warm house is good, do you not sometimes go out?

Distance from city area to Utogi is reliable, but are sure that we can be satisfied!

It will be that flavor of Japanese allspice heals your fatigue.


Well, well, is OKU-SIZ calendar updating every month, but photograph of February...

Everybody knows already! That's right! It is "Japanese allspice".

I am sorry that natural prettiness and flavor are not conveyed in photograph.

Please go to see!


 OKU-SIZ calendar [February, 2016] .png

   OKU-SIZ calendar [January, 2016] .pdf

   OKU-SIZ calendar [February, 2016] .pdf