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OKU-SIZ calendar (for December)

In December, each OKU-SIZ area cools down at a stretch, and there is day when it begins to snow. Following snow covering of Mount Fuji of November, Minami-Alps begins to turn figure into pure white snow scene, too and turns into the winter clothing. It is "Ainodake" located at the northernmost part of Shizuoka City that photograph was photographed in the end of December. As it is difficult to go to see this snow scene in the field, please enjoy superb view in this photograph.

OKU-SIZ calendar December. jpg

OKU-SIZ calendar December. pdf



Update work of empty house Information bank article Information page was completed

It was article Information page of "empty house Information bank" which began update work from the other day, but was browsable from today.

I am approximately two days late behind the date and time when I told beforehand and am sorry.


New article was registered, and the number of registered empty house became 12 cases. Check it out!

Article Information page from this → /live/article/001536.html

If there is article to "want to live in this empty house!", please refer at the following.


Shizuoka City Economic Affairs Bureau agriculture and forestry Marine Products Division

Person in charge of medium mountains promotion section plan

Telephone: 054-294-8805

About update of empty house Information bank article Information page

We carry out update work of page of empty house Information bank article Information and are not able to read for a while now.

Possibility of restoration is around the midday of November 14 considered that update of all Information is completed.

I cause trouble and am sorry.