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OKU-SIZ calendar (for October)

"The 32nd Ikawa maple marathon" is held in ribaueru Ikawa skiing area on Sunday, October 25.

Please enjoy autumn of sports in OKU-SIZ which is full of autumn charm♪

OKU-SIZ calendar October. jpg

OKU-SIZ calendar October. pdf




◆There is luxurious premium! "OKU-SIZ unhurried project" October start!

OKU-SIZ unhurried project "will go to OKU-SIZ hot spring!" But, we start in October. During period, you just use target facility "only one place" and can get all the members privilege! 200 people win luxurious present by lot! For more details, please confirm guidance below. At first, in each place (※), let's get guidance flyer (with stamp card)!

(※) You can get guidance flyer (with stamp card) at Aoi, Suruga, Shimizu-ku government office including star Corporation city service station let alone facility targeted for campaign on the shizutetsu just line bus information desk, day.

TOP.png relaxedly professional OKU-SIZ

■Target facility is 8 next facilities.

Target facility. jpg

★About the whole ... shizutetsu card secretariat 054-254-4118 (10:00-18:00)

★About bus ... shizutetsu just line 0120-012-990 (9:00-18:00 weekdays)

★It is ... day star Corporation 054-263-2840 about service station

★About OKU-SIZ mountains promotion section 054-294-8805 (8:30-17:15) out of ... Shizuoka City

OKU-SIZ calendar (for September)

Do you not feel arrival in autumn with Ikawa lake ferryboat earlier?♪

OKU-SIZ calendar September. jpg

OKU-SIZ calendar September. pdf