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Announcement of Minami-Alps Akaishi Onsen "white birch-so" temporariness closure (6/2-3)

Thank you very much for always using white birch-so.

White birch-so will be closed for facility repair temporarily for two days of from Tuesday, June 2, 2015 to Wednesday, June 3.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I would like understanding, cooperation.

White birch-so ... TEL054-260-2021

White birch-so. jpg

OKU-SIZ calendar (for May)

For May of OKU-SIZ calendar which we updated was completed every month.

Photograph of May is huge tree of several hundred years years old! Very mysterious.

OKU-SIZ calendar May, 2015. jpg  

OKU-SIZ calendar May, 2015. pdf

OKU-SIZ Events calendar (May, 2015)

※As full thanks are possible depending on course, we ask you to confirm to sponsor beforehand.

Wasabi hermit. jpg (OKU-SIZ wasabi hermit)


●... during ribaueru Ikawa skiing area "spring skiing" - popular business

 (TEL: 054-260-2316)

 It is end a week, Saturday and Sunday, Congratulations! 8:00-16:30 until ... May 31 on the date and time

 It is sure to get summary ... absolute sukisuki! In slope of Snow mat, even the first person can enjoy full-scale sliding.


●The Abe time "spring fair which is boiled which is boiled"

 (TEL: 054-294-2501)

 Date and time ... May 3 (Sunday/Holiday) 10:00-15:00

 It is full of summary ... mini-railroad and scooping goldfish, every year many families including the making of candle.


●(Ikawa) Forest "shiitake classroom" of citizen of the prefecture

 (TEL: 054-260-2214)

 Date and time ... from 9 to 10 on May (2 days and 1 night)

 We learn and experience summary ... raw wood cultivation! We can experience thinning using Chan so, too!


●Takayama Shimin-no-Mori "walk and wild grass tempura party of forest"

 (TEL: 054-294-8807)

 Date and time ... Saturday, May 10 10:00-15:00

 We take a walk through forest with summary ... expert and collect wild grass with plant observation and enjoy the making of wild grass tempura afterwards.


●Takayama Shimin-no-Mori "spring creature observation society"

 (TEL: 054-294-8807)

 Date and time ... Saturday, May 16 10:00-15:00

 We take a walk through forest with summary ... expert and observe spring creature.


●The Okitsu River "sweetfish fishing removal of a ban!"

 (TEL: 054-393-3640)

 Date and time ... Wednesday, May 20

 Fishing fans of summary ... whole country! Sorry to have kept you waiting!


●(Ikawa) Forest "spring observation society" of huge tree

 (TEL: 054-294-8807)

 Date and time ... Saturday, May 23 9:50-15:00

 We walk forest of summary ... expert and OKU-SIZ huge tree, and let's go to encounter the wood spirit soul!


●kiyosawa village station "Aoi traveler - Kiyosawa -"

 (TEL: 054-221-1051)

 Date and time ... Sunday, May 31 9:00-13:00

 One-day bus tour of summary ... extreme popularity! We visit kiyosawa village station "tea Thanksgiving Day".


●(Ikawa) Forest "forest observation society of citizen of the prefecture of the fresh green"

 (TEL: 054-260-2214)

 Date and time ... Sunday, May 31

 We take a walk through the forest of summary ... OKU-SIZ! We can feel taste of air let alone forest bathing!


●House of Wadashima nature "enjoy fantastic tea! ... tea kkirimatsuri -"

 (TEL: 054-395-2611)

 Date and time ... Sunday, May 31

 In tea production center "Ryo-Gochi" which Shizuoka that continues laying tea of summary ... illusion every year is proud of (Wadashima), it is tea picking, hand fir tree, cha* reo experience!


●Abe time "bait fishing ... device and fishing - of sweetfish"

 (TEL: 054-294-2501)

 Date and time ... Saturday, May 30 and Saturday, June 6

 We carry out class of device in the Abe time on summary ... first day. We actually challenge bait fishing in the Abe River on the second day.