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OKU-SIZ calendar (we add for July)

Thank you very much for usually supporting OKU-SIZ more.

Temperature rises suddenly, and hot day seems to continue nationwide, how do you have recently?

Although OKU-SIZ area became slightly hot, it has refreshing days by climate that it is easy to spend still more.


Well, if notice; in the very front immediate July! It becomes hotter from now on.

We swim in the sea in hot summer! There may be many people called this, but summer OKU-SIZ is also good thing.

Wind to carry between trees is "nap nantenomoiidesune by light of riverside" in being cool.

As a lot of Events is held in whole OKU-SIZ, please participate!


Please utilize this every month as there was for July of OKU-SIZ calendar updating.

Photograph of July is registered with the UNESCO eco-park and is [Minami-Alps] which has begun to attract attention worldwide.

Minami-Alps central station mouth becomes opening of the mountaineering season on Wednesday, July 16 and will be that much mountain climbing visitors come this year.

How about all of you trying for mountain climbing of seasonal spot "Minami-Alps" in this summer?


OKU-SIZ calendar February. png OKU-SIZ calendar March. png OKU-SIZ calendar April. png

OKU-SIZ calendar May. png OKU-SIZ calendar June. png OKU-SIZ calendar July. png 


  OKU-SIZ calendar January. pdf

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  OKU-SIZ calendar March. pdf

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  OKU-SIZ calendar July. pdf


Under the second Minami-Alps OKU-SIZ photo contest entry offer☆

Congratulations!! Minami-Alps Inscription confirmed as a UNESCO Bioshphere Reserve!


In Shizuoka City, we carry out photocontest (the second) for Minami-Alps and Ikawa, OKU-SIZ as the Minami-Alps UNESCO eco-park registration commemorative project.

Theme of contest is "symbiosis with Nature, person and nature of Minami-Alps OKU-SIZ".

We will cut charm of OKU-SIZ (depths Shizuoka) which nature and culture surrounded in Minami-Alps weave with all one's might!

The prize money or special product of Ikawa are given prizewinner!

In addition, we display entry in Shizuoka citizen gallery until Monday (holiday) on November 3 from Thursday, October 30, 2014.


Minami-Alps OKU-SIZ photo contest (JPEG) .jpg

Minami-Alps OKU-SIZ photo contest flyer (PDF)

↑↑ There is offer essential point, application vote in flyer ↑↑



◆◆ Application method (summary) ◆◆

1.You attach application vote on the back of the photograph, and, for each one point of work, please fill in each item by all means. 

2.We do application score to three points of one in each section.

3.Standard of each section and theme

  (1) Scenery, animal of Minami-Alps section - Minami-Alps, plant ...

     Quartering or quartering wide 

  (2) Nature and scenery of Ikawa section - Ikawa area, living ... of people

     Quartering or quartering wide, photograph paper of A4 size

  (3) Nature and scenery of OKU-SIZ section - OKU-SIZ, living ... of people

     Quartering or quartering wide, photograph paper of A4 size  

  (4) Child section (part of primary schoolchild, junior high student)

     Quartering or quartering wide, photograph paper of A4 size  

4.You mail work to the following application by Friday, September 12, 2014 or please bring.

  (in the case of bringing, we straighten (on Monday until from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. except Tuesday the next day fourth in the case of holiday))

◆◆ Notice matter in application ◆◆

1.Entry is limited to single photograph with unpublished thing.

2.It is said that digital photography is possible, but thing of no processing is best. Please send picture mountings without being famed

  (it does not matter at color, black and white, shooting time)

3.Regardless of professional, flax, anyone can participate.

4.When person is included in subject of photograph, sponsor does not take responsibility such as violation of right of likeness.

  About complaints such as rights abuses from third party, we assume all responsibility of applicant. On application, please get consent of the subject person. Particularly, please get consent of pro-incarnation when subject is minor.

5.Entry does not return principle, but can be accepted by applicant burden by proposal when you wish to return.

6.When overlap application or processing of photograph are accepted even if after with winning a prize choice decision, we may cancel with winning a prize choice.

◆◆ Copyright Policy ◆◆

1.Copyright of entry belongs to photographer. In addition, sponsor holds right to use to printed matter to issue with precedence other than exhibition where sponsor feels winning a prize winning work product free of charge and multipurpose may use homepages as others, publicity work. (we may use individual for articles that we identified.)

2.Winning a prize winner, please submit the shooting first edition (film) or digital data (possible copy) after the decision of prize by date when we appointed.

◆◆ Examination ◆◆

We examine work which had you apply by the following judges and elect prize.

Person who wins a prize, and was selected for notifies in the middle of October.

(1) Minami-Alps section judge: Tomohiko Sekiya (association of all-Japan mountains photograph vice-director)

■One point of highest award (prize money 50,000 yen)

■One point of award for excellence (prize money 20,000 yen)

■Three points of choices (prize money 10,000 yen)

■Five points of associate choices (prize money 3,000 yen)

(2) Ikawa section judge: Takashi Matsuno (photographer), Aiko Matsunaga (photographer)

■One point of highest award (Ikawa special product of 20,000 yen equivalency)

■One point of award for excellence (Ikawa special product of 10,000 yen equivalency)

■Three points of choices (Ikawa special product of 5,000 yen equivalency)

■Five points of associate choices (Ikawa special product of 3,000 yen equivalency)

(3) OKU-SIZ section judge: Kenichi Shibayama (photographer)

■One point of highest award (prize money 20,000 yen)

■One point of award for excellence (prize money 10,000 yen)

■Five points of choices (OKU-SIZ special product of 5,000 yen equivalency)

■Ten points of associate choices (OKU-SIZ special product of 3,000 yen equivalency)

(4) Child section judge: Takashi Matsuno (photographer), Aiko Matsunaga (photographer)

[part of primary schoolchild]

■One point of highest award (book card of 3,000 yen)

■One point of award for excellence (book card of 2,000 yen)

■Three points of choices (book card of 1,000 yen)  

[part of junior high student]

■One point of highest award (book card of 5,000 yen)

■One point of award for excellence (book card of 3,000 yen)

■Three points of choices (book card of 1,000 yen)  

◆◆ Application ◆◆

〒421-2106 2352, Ushizuma, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi

The seiokashishizukitoshisammurakoryu center "Abe time"

"Person in charge of Minami-Alps OKU-SIZ photo contest" expectation 

 ◆◆ Reference ◆◆
〒420-8602 5-1, Otemachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi

The capital creation section of Shizuoka City clear stream (Phone: 054-221-1357)


◆◆ Display period ◆◆

From Thursday, October 30, 2014 to November 3 Monday (holiday)


◆◆ Display venue ◆◆

Shizuoka citizen gallery (the first floor of the 5-1, Otemachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi Shizuoka City government office Main Building) 


◆◆ Sponsorship, the cosponsorship, cooperation ◆◆

Sponsorship: Shizuoka City

The cosponsorship: Minami-Alps Ikawa ecotourism promotion meeting

Cooperation: Association of all-Japan mountains photograph Shizuoka group


◆◆ Related link ◆◆

● With "OKU-SIZ"

● About the Minami-Alps UNESCO eco-park

About use of land division of the Minami-Alps UNESCO eco-park

Congratulations!! Minami-Alps Inscription confirmed as a UNESCO Bioshphere Reserve!
In June, 2014, we protected rich natural environments of Minami-Alps and nature, and local history, culture that lived together was recognized in the world, and the UNESCO eco-park registration was decided.


With the UNESCO eco-park, ecosystemic maintenance and sustainable profit are business that the UNESCO started for the purpose of harmony (symbiosis of nature and human being society) of inflecting. It is approach aiming at development of community while following local nature and culture.

In the UNESCO eco-park, biosphere preservation area (BR: Biosphere Reserves) was also called, and 117 countries, 621 areas were registered, and 5 areas (Shiga Kogen, Odaigahara, vast Mineyama, Hakusan, intricate design, Yakushima) were registered in Japan until now. (as of May, 2013)

This registration decision adds "Minami-Alps" and "Tadami", in Japan, local 7.


There are three functions in the UNESCO eco-park.
 (1) Preservation function (maintenance of biological diversity)
 (2) Scientific study support (we support scientific investigation and education)
 (3) Economy and social development (sustainable area development in accord with nature)

Individual functions are not independent and are relations to strengthen the UNESCO eco-park mutually.
We set three areas to function as these three.



The UNESCO eco-park is constructed in three areas where varied in role.

(1) The core area
The most important area that it is abiogenesis-like natural environments, habitat of the precious animals and plants, and must protect natural environments including special protection district of national park

Whole 24,970ha in area (for Shizuoka City 3,051ha)
※Shizuoka City sets Minami Alps National Park special protection district and special area in the core area.


(2) Buffering area
Area that is available in environmental education, field service, research activity and sightseeing, leisure

Whole 72,389ha in area (for Shizuoka City 6,171ha)
※Shizuoka City sets the neighborhood of the core area or adjacent area in buffering area.


(3) Graded area
Area where people whom ecotourisms that we made use of agriculture and history, culture in accord with natural environments in are carried out for run living

Whole 205,115ha in area (for Shizuoka City 39,381ha)
※Shizuoka City almost sets school district (Ikawa, Iwasaki, Kamisakamoto, Kogochi, Tashiro) of Ikawa elementary and junior high school in graded area.




● Shizuoka City details map of use of land division this (JPEG)

We hold Minami-Alps "child future forum" on July 19 and 20!

What kind of place is Minami-Alps? Are what kind of animal, flower seen?
What kind of food, culture does Ikawa have?

Through various Events which children can participate in, is it such "? (is end) ""! (discovery, flash) do not change to "?
Of course it is Events to be able to enjoy even if adult participates.
Please participate in families, everyone♪


Child forum flyer (image) .jpg


[the date and time] From Saturday, July 19, 2014 to 20th Sunday
[venue] It is held in 3 venues.
     ◎Hotel century Shizuoka Saturday, July 19
      ◎Shizuoka Hall of Science ru, ku, ru    Saturday, July 19, 20th Sunday
     ◎Green leaves Events open space     Saturday, July 19, 20th Sunday
     As for the details of each venue Events, please see flyer. 
[sponsorship] Minami Alps National Park designated commemorative project executive committee of the 50th anniversary
(Ministry of the Environment, Yamanashi, Nagano, Shizuoka, Nirasaki-shi, Minami-Alps-shi, Hokuto-shi, Hayakawa-cho, Iida-shi, Ina-shi, Fujimi-machi, Oshika-mura, Shizuoka City, Kawanehon-cho)

※As change will be possible in future, about the start time of Events held in each venue, please understand beforehand.


● Child future forum flyer list (PDF file)

● The back of the child future forum flyer (PDF file)

Announcement of village temporary closure of fish fish

For four days from Tuesday, June 24 to Friday, June 27, Shizuoka City light swamp pro-water garden (village of fish fish) is closed for repair of the fishing pond sidewalk.

During this time, I apologize to customers who were going to visit for the inconvenience, but please understand as it is is better, providing equipment repair to do.


Announcement of traffic regulation

And between Monday, June 23 and Friday, July 25, we have traffic regulation in time by three peak Ochiai Line (in prefectural road Route 189, Tamakawa district Ochiai the neighborhood of assistant bridge) for road pavement construction.

Person gone to Tamakawa district, Ikawa district from Shizuoka city, please be careful.


As for the passable time, it is as follows. Please refer to.


 Day before 16:35 - 9:00

    9:40 - 9:50    ※Saturday and Sunday, Congratulations! does not have regulation.

   12:00-13:00    ※Other than the following from July 19 of service plan

   13:40-13:50     It is passable at the time of the passage of mountain climbing bus.

   15, 35 - 15:40


   16:35 - next day 9:00

We added Minami-Alps Information to "100 selections of OKU-SIZ"!


(okushizuoka) 4_ red Ishiwata. jpg 

Sandstone mudstone alternated layers (turbidite) of red Ishiwata




We added 16 Minami-Alps Information to 100 selections of OKU-SIZ!


It is "Minami-Alps geo-site" and Information of "the highest peak of Minami-Alps" that added this time.


It is about time when, and the Japanese Islands hang most of the Minami-Alps 20 million years ago from about 200 million years that were a part of the Asian Continent, and of marine plate is accompanied to sink, and it is from the topography which stratum which deposited at rock and bottom of ocean floor is pushed to landside, and was lifted ashore, and make mountainous area now.

As for the Minami-Alps, upheaval continues even now and is top level even if the speed compares with the world at the Japanese fastest upheaval speed at 3-4mm a year.


By this additional information, we added Information mainly on characteristic geological feature.

Check it out!☆


OKU-SIZ 100 selections "Oku-Oi" is this



[list of additional information]

(1) Minami-Alps geo-site

1 hatake*daitsurikyofukin

2 akaho

3 bocci *

4 red Ishiwata

5 Ushikubi Pass

6,000 ancient waterfalls

The upper 7 scouring rush dams others

The neighborhood of 8 biggest buttocks bridge

9 assignment mountain passes


(2) The highest peak of Minami-Alps

1 Arakawa Miyama

2 Akaishidake

3 Hijiridake

Mt. 4 Kamigochi

5 Tekaridake

6 Shiomidake

7 Ainodake



※ We will add Information at any time in future. Don't miss it☆

We established special page of Minami-Alps, Ikawa!

We received this Minami-Alps Inscription confirmed as a UNESCO Bioshphere Reserve and founded special site that gathered up Minami-Alps and sightseeing Information and Events Information of Ikawa area, system introduction of eco-park in "OKU-SIZ" homepage!

Check it out!


In addition, cooperation, please for person performing website administration, person using Facebook, common knowledge of by all means this page!



[special site URL] /minami-alps/index.html

[banner image] When you have you make link, please use. (you click the right button, and please download image.)

(1) 520*166 pixel



(2) 360*180 pixel



(3) 700*160 pixel




[breaking news] Registration of the Minami-Alps UNESCO eco-park is decided!

In "the UNESCO MAB plan international adjustment board of directors" held in Sweden on June 11, 2014, registration of the Minami-Alps UNESCO eco-park was decided.

We receive registration decision and will hold commemorative ceremony as follows.
Come by all means.

[the date and time] Thursday, June 12, 2014 11:30-11:45
[place] Aoi square (2-5-14, Gofukucho, Aoi-ku)
    (we perform in case of rain in Shizuoka City government office Shizuoka government building the first floor of the new building lounge)
[contents] The mayor greetings, celebration ceremony



● About summary of the Minami-Alps UNESCO eco-park (Youtube)