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Of Umegashima district business was recognized being to when was not most this this!


 When "I am not this this first business" to support for group of local residents to plan regional activation business utilizing local resources in the intermediate and mountainous area that started in last year, and to carry out.


 As this third business, the "hometown' Umegashima, Shizuoka hot-spring village' making of of the beauty and health" of Umegashima, Aoi-ku district business was authorized on July 28!


 It is healthy, and, in Umegashima district that four sources, three kinds of spring qualities can experience, it is said with beauty using special product of Umegashima and, in the "hometown' Umegashima, Shizuoka hot-spring village' making of of the beauty and health" business, develops local cuisine menu and says so that sightseeing in hot spring and the farmhouse, forestrys plan in unison local activation.


 We look forward to future activity of Umegashima district!



Announcement of Minami-Alps Akaishi Onsen "white birch-so" business resumption

 We appreciate your using Minami-Alps Akaishi Onsen "white birch-so".

 By malfunction of hot spring facilities, we assumed temporary closure from Friday, July 22, 2011, but will restart business from Monday, July 25, 2011.

 We would appreciate your using by all means in future.


 Reference: The mountains promotion section out of Shizuoka City (telephone 054-294-8806)



About suspension of traffic of forest road caused by typhoon No.6 (from the Ikawa area to person climbing the Buddhist monk mountaintop)

 hodo occurs, and, under the influence of typhoon No.6 that passed Shizuoka on July 20, 2011, Oku-Oi, Ikawa district "forest road perception line peak line" and "forest road Amehata Line" cannot pass as of July 22.


  The latest situation of forest road this (city forestry conservancy forest road section homepage)



 Therefore, it is in a condition not to be able to access Parking of "100 tatami" toward the mountaintop of "Buddhist monk".


 When we go from the Ikawa area to the mountaintop of "Buddhist monk", from forest road perception line peak line "Sasayama entrance", we can go via the mountaintop of "Sasayama".

 The time required is about three hours from "Sasayama entrance" to the "Buddhist monk" mountaintop.


  Map of "Sasayama entrance" this (google map)


 As there might be collapse of mountain trails under the influence of this typhoon, climbed person, please be careful enough.

About vehicle information

 About traffic regulation Information caused by disaster and rain, snow, construction Information, please confirm from the following pages.


 [regulation Information about general way]

 ●Shizuoka City road Maintenance Section homepage (we move when we click.)

 [regulation Information about forest road]

 ●Shizuoka City forestry conservancy forest road section homepage (we move when we click.)

About cancellation such as facility business, Events by typhoon No.6 approach (as of 20th 8:00)

 Strong typhoon No.6 strikes Japan with large size.

It is expected that we hang on the Pacific side of the Kanto district from Kinki on 21st, and very intense intermittently rain falls in Information as of 6:00 for  20 days. In Shizuoka City, the earth and sand disaster warnings are announced in the mountains.


 Facilities letting business face each other cancellation by this typhoon No.6 approach are as follows.

 When you come, please confirm the business situation beforehand in facility.



[as of facility (20th 8:00 when cancellation puts off business)]

●Oku-Oi, Ikawa Tashiro district "Minami-Alps Akaishi Onsen white birch-so" (telephone 054-260-2021)

(we canceled business of 20th.)

●Oku-Shimizu, Ryo-Gochi Nishisato district "Yamasemi-no-Yu" (telephone 054-343-1126)

(we canceled business of 20th.)

●Abe-Oku, O-Kochi Utogi district "utsurogi" (telephone 054-298-2900)

(we canceled business of 20th.)

●Oku-Warashina, Naka-Warashina Mizumiiro district "Takayama, Shimin-no-Mori" (telephone 054-294-8807)

(we canceled business of 20th.)

Information for municipal library daily kokage library (bookmobile)

Book. JPG We carry out "bookmobile" which car with book goes around to be able to get close to book to many people at Shizuoka municipal library.

 In the bookmobile to do in OKU-SIZ this summer on holiday, demonstrations such as story-telling such as picture book, picture-story show by staff of library or work classroom are held other than rental of normal book♪


 In OKU-SIZ which rich nature is left, do you not enjoy local cheerful children and work lesson together?☆





 The details such as held date, venue are kokage library OKU-SIZ itineraries for ⇒ one day. pdf



Contact number


29-1, Oiwahoncho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi

Shizuoka City central library bookmobile

TEL: 054-247-6711

FAX: 054-247-9971


News to where mountain in summer mountain climbing is planned

P8052094.JPG Minami-Alps having Japanese second Takamine Kitadake is Nature which the animals and plants which are valuable in great mountain range sitting astride three prefectures of Shizuoka, Yamanashi, Nagano inhabit.
 Mountain more than 3,000m has 13 seat, 10 seats of those in Shizuoka City and city boundary.
 Opening of the mountaineering season is practiced in Ikawa district of Minami-Alps central station Exit on Saturday, July 16, and business of mountain hut starts, too.
 Come to Minami-Alps by all means to experience scenery of panorama surrounding virgin forest☆

 Well, we will tell as data distribution of booklet "2011 Minami-Alps mountain climbing sightseeing Information" which settled mountain hut Information, bus timetable of 2011 started on the following homepages.
 About Minami-Alps that mountain in summer mountain climbing is planned, I would like mountain climbing plan without unreasonableness after checking bus timetables. In addition, in the case of mountain climbing, please submit mountain climbing plan as you can download report of mountain climbing on the homepage.

 ●"Minami-Alps mountain climbing information" (when click, move.)


 On Saturday, July 16 when opening of the mountaineering season is practiced, ski slope of "ribaueru Ikawa skiing area" that is in Ikawa district opens in the same way in the summer!
 "Next-generation Snow mat" realizes a feeling of run near natural snow. We can slip on skis to use in winter☆
 On July 16, opening special plan "tankoroga twilight ski to light up" is carried out in the summer!
 Come to ribaueru Ikawa skiing area to play by all means☆

 ●ribaueru Ikawa skiing area homepage (we move when we click.)

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