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Stricken area support with tea of Okawa district


We process unrefined tea which received offer from tea farmhouse of district and name "thought to Okawa" and sell  to support "Okawa, Ishinomaki-shi elementary school" which suffered big damage by the Great East Japan Earthquake district in Okawa district and push forward project to send all the proceeds to person concerned with Ishinomaki, Miyagi municipal institution Okawa elementary school as money of support.


 This project is made up mainly of "thought to Okawa" executive committee, Okawa small protector volunteer society and promotes.


 Can drink delicious tea of Shizuoka City while supporting stricken area, is right killing two birds with one stone.

 Please appreciate!


 As for the details, please see this flyer. 

 Thought PR poster to Okawa. pdf


  "Thought to Okawa" executive committee (practice chairperson/Takuya Sato)
  [the secretariat] TEL080-3628-4523/.FAX.054-291-2655
  (as for from Monday to Friday, the 10:00-17:00 order only in Fax or E-Mail)
  "Oku-Warashina Web"

Shizuoka City product materials utilization promotion information center "kikishizu" July 9 opening!

shop02.jpg On Saturday, July 9, for Isetan;, on a certain miraie the second floor of Gofukumachi, base disseminating information about materials from city and city product materials utilization promotion information center "kikishizu" where it is open to be!

 We establish materials from city and exhibit space of materials utilization product from city, wooden house consultation counter, temporary Events space in space of 15 tsubos.

 Other than interior of wooden house using panel and picture and introduction of furniture, we can learn structure, role of forest happily ☆In addition, we hold conduct of DIY using tree.


 Not space only as for the person in search of house and furniture, it is center such as oasis having enjoy flavor of tree in center of commerce of Shizuoka City.

 Come casually by all means☆



With mushrooms. JPG[facility name]

"kikishizu" (with Shizuoka, tree thing of tree, living of tree)

(official name: Shizuoka City product materials utilization promotion information center)


[the location]

1-6-5, Gofukucho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi miraie the second floor of Gofukumachi

The town development support center

Map this (move to google map)


[business hours]


(holiday: every Wednesday on January 1)


[contact number]

The mountains promotion section out of Shizuoka City (telephone 054-294-8807)




"kikishizu" welcome page (few days exhibition)



Aoi-ku panel exhibition which gets off in photograph on June 24-26, and does

 It is introduction of the making of charm business that Aoi-ku town development promotion section hosts!


 In "shizu Chika" Events space, we display with state of nature and Events in Aoi-ku as panel. We can ask about panel on that day as there is the staff of shunfu wave. (until 16:00)


 Of course photograph of OKU-SIZ area is in panel, too☆


 When you come to Shizuoka Station and town, carry foot to panel exhibition by all means!


 [the date and time] From Friday, June 24, 2011 to 26th Sunday

      (it starts from 12:00 on 24th and is until 18:00 for 26 days.)

 [place] shizu Chika Events space


Aoi-ku panel. jpg


●Welcome page of Aoi-ku town development promotion section (when click, move)

●Association of Aoi-ku Residents' Association society blog this (when click, move)

Announcement of Saturday, June 18 (Naka-Warashina) Mizumiiro firefly appreciation society bus tour

 It is held this year! Mizumiiro firefly appreciation society bus tour☆


 Some time of firefly were behind usual, but will hold firefly appreciation party this year!

 Come to play in fun by fantastic scenery by all means☆

 (perfection of 250 first arrival needs reservations!)


 [the date and time]

 Saturday, June 18, 2011 18:00-22:00 

 ※Postponement in case of rain till the first fine day spare day: Sunday, June 19


 Mizumiiro, Aoi-ku

 [meeting place, time]

 At Shizuoka Station bus Platform 20 18:00


 Adult 1,500 yen, 800 yen for children (we include bus fare, premium, Souvenirs)

 [trip plan, conduct]

 shizutetsu just line (Phone: 0120-012-990)

 (09:00-18:00 accepts until 17:00 on the day on trip day on weekdays reception hours)


 Mizumiiro neighborhood association


 ●The details this (move to homepage of shizutetsu just line)

Holding of "Tamakawa trail race in Shizuoka"


Of the  last time, Tamakawa, Aoi-ku district introduced that was not with this blog by this this first business "making of village of Tamakawa trekking sports" business.


As  one of the approaches of the business, the details of "Tamakawa trail race" were announced, we will tell.


  "Tamakawa trail race in Shizuoka"

  The date and time: Sunday, November 6, 2011

  Sponsorship: Tamakawa trail race in Shizuoka executive committee

  Support: Shizuoka City, Shizuoka City Board of Education

  Reception desk: Saturday, November 5 15:00-18:00

              Sunday, November 6 6:00-7:30

  Reception desk venue: Shizuoka City Tamakawa elementary school

  Contact information

   Tamakawa district center TEL, FAX054-292-2111

   (except from Monday to Friday 10:00-17:00 holiday)


  Tamakawa trail race pamphlet. pdf

  Tamakawa trail race application. pdf


  Official homepage (we click this)



The third Abe gokoro photographic contest - work offer ...

 It is information for photographic contest that the *ki (shizuhata) city mountain village interchange center "Abe time" hosts☆

 You photograph charm of Abe-Oku and Oku-Oi, Ikawa, and please apply!




 That is resident in Shizuoka City or goes to school commuting


 Is based on second Tomei Expressway and to the north in Aoi-ku Abe River basin, natural scenery, famous place, Festivals, everyday life to Ikawa, Umegashima

 [application period]

 From Saturday, October 1, 2011 to Monday, October 31, 2011

 [prize division]

 Grand prix one point/30,000 yen, supplementary prize (local products of ※ 3,000 yen equivalency)

 Gold medal one point/20,000 yen, supplementary prize (※)

 Silver medal three points/10,000 yen, supplementary prize (※)

 Bronze medal ten points/5,000 yen, supplementary prize (※)

 Winning a prize ten points/2,000 yen considerable local products


 The *kitoshisammurakoryu center "Abe time" (TEL: 054-294-2501)



 About the details such as application methods, please see brochure. (we move when we click)

 ●The third Abe time photocontest flyer (table) .pdf 

 The third Abe time photocontest flyer (the back) .pdf



 ●Homepage is this place at the *kitoshisammurakoryu center "Abe time"

 ●Amusement place of Abe-Oku this (100 selections of OKU-SIZ)

 ●Amusement place of Oku-Oi, Ikawa this (100 selections of OKU-SIZ)