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About correction of guidebook "OKU-SIZ" mention Information (Kogane-no-Yu)

 About the depths Shizuoka guidebook "OKU-SIZ" which we issued in September, 2010, there were the following Information mention errors.


1007 depths Shizuoka pamphlet A2 _ F0914ol.jpg [correction point]

 Best spots 

 Umegashima Shinden Onsen "Kogane-no-Yu"

 Business hours

 [in front of correction (false)]

 From April to November 9:30-18:00

 From December to March 9:30-17:00

 (all as for the taking a bath until 30 minutes ago)

 [after the correction (plus)]

 From April to November 9:30-17:30

 From December to March 9:30-16:30

 (all as for the taking a bath until 30 minutes ago)


 Sorry for your inconvenience, but please correct person who had brochure.

 I cause trouble and am sorry.




Information of Umegashima Shinden Onsen "Kogane-no-Yu" (move to 100 selections of OKU-SIZ)

Umegashima Shinden Onsen "Kogane-no-Yu" official site is this place



We started OKU-SIZ Nature Library administration!

 Sorry to have kept you waiting very for a long time!

 We released OKU-SIZ Nature Library.

 Please see splendor of Nature of OKU-SIZ which we cannot convey only in photograph by all means☆☆


 The first is 3 next contents♪


 (1) Abe Pass (Abe-Oku "Umegashima district")

 ... which keeps alive itself of thing which spring of ... forest arranges straight kitoshi in


 (2) Forest (Oku-Oi "Ikawa district") of huge tree

 Man of influence ... of several hundred years to take root on mountain pass of ... Ikawa years old


 (3) Carp ka waterfall (Abe-Oku "Umegashima")

 Waterfall ... of tragic love legend to play in unexplored region of ... Yukoku Miyama



 OKU-SIZ Nature Library has an icon to the top page right!

 Or look from this; ⇒ OKU-SIZ Nature Library (move to page)

It is open until ribaueru Ikawa skiing area Sunday, March 6!

Business becomes until Sunday, March 6 for this season of ribaueru Ikawa skiing area.

Two belt conveyor-type lifts which we introduced newly in this term,

Beginner and small child can use in peace, too.

Person who had you already arrive carry foot to that is not so by all means.

In addition, by snowfall of the middle of February, the snow of road and freeze points increase.

It would appreciate your running tire chain or studless tire after wearing carefully. 


ribaueru Ikawa skiing area (← Clik!!)  Skiing area summary, access, Events Information

"☆ ribaueru communication ☆"(← Clik!!)  We send seasonal Information of ribaueru Ikawa!

 (Shizuoka City intermediate and mountainous area synthesis information site "OKU-SIZ", Mori-no-Sato Blog)

It is good for Saturday, February 5! Aoi-ku warm festival

Aoi Festa. bmp "The making of Aoi-ku charm business" that Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi town development promotion section performs is held as follows.


 Event name: Good! Aoi-ku warm festival

 The date and time:    Saturday, February 5, 2011 11:00-15:00

 Place:    Shizuoka Shiyakusho-mae green leaves Events open space


 Many people participate from OKU-SIZ to send local seasonal taste such as local tradition entertainment announcements such as noh dances (kagura) or mugwort steamed bun!

 Come to Events which a lot of charm of Aoi-ku was at a loss for by all means☆☆


 The Events details this (move to Aoi-ku town development promotion section page)