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ribaueru Ikawa skiing area reopens after renovation and is preparing!

ribaueru Ikawa skiing area is reopened this winter in the next spring!


★Renewal of this winter★

 Since opening of 1989, suspension-type lift which continued being used retires in last season,

 From this season, we turn into belt conveyor-type lift to carry carrying customer like travolator☆

 It becomes skiing area easy for smaller child and beginners than before♪

 As for you of ski inexperienced person in "ribaueru Ikawa as for slope debut!"


★Renewal of the next spring★

 In next spring "can ski in earnest in the summer!" Ski slope opens in the summer!

 Is for a limited time, and business is only Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from spring to autumn, but in right or wrong fun☆

 Curious "secret that can ski in earnest in the summer!" and the details about business will improve later♪


☆ribaueru communication☆

 Preparations are advancing for reopening of the next spring steadily this winter now♪

 The state this (← Clik!!) As you report in this, please check☆☆




State of last season. JPG

[state of last year] ribaueru Ikawa skiing area (sled slope)

Shizuoka hobby fair "Warashina processing center cherry tree" opens a store!

hdr_logo.jpg In Shizuoka City, we open a store in booth "delicacy City where person of various branches sells PR to by change with "delicacy" of Motoichi pride in eating and drinking area of "world model capital Shizuoka hobby fair" started now at the Higashi-Shizuoka Station north exit in week of Shizuoka"!




 "Warashina processing center cherry tree" opens a store from Minami-Warashina district of Oku-Warashina to publicize charm of intermediate and mountainous area from Tuesday, November 30 to Sunday, December 5!

 We publicize Motoyama tea having favorable reception, Japanese yam steamed bun, kimchi using local Chinese cabbage.

 Come to hobby fair by all means☆


 ●About the details of Shizuoka hobby fair (move to homepage of the hobby fair conduct headquarters.)

 ●About the details of person from branch (move to homepage of nekuto.)

Goat of the second of them came over to the medium mountains promotion section!

Goat 2.JPG In the medium mountains promotion section (538-11, Sendai, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi), goat is raised as mascot of damage control of farm products due to the wild birds and beasts and has nearby people love. Even newspaper and radio were introduced, and it was goat which became popular, but another goat did at a bound in the middle mountains promotion section!

 Unhurried movement. Cute drooping eyes. Cry called "mee ...." As soothing idol of Chiyo, it is already completely popular person.

 All of you, please come to play with "soothing idol of Chiyo", too☆

 (goat that the photograph left is new. Hut which forestry owners' association made appears in the right depths. ☆ that thank you for your forestry owners' association)



 ●Place of the medium mountains promotion section is this place

 (we jump on Google map when we click.)




[there is goat?]

 In intermediate and mountainous area, damage of farm products due to wild boar or monkey increases. Farm products which they put great deal of effort and made are eaten just before crop by the wild birds and beasts, and people of farmhouse are in trouble very much.

 One of the causes that wild boar and monkey came to appear frequently in human dwelling includes that we make thicket which is close to the fields bed. We mow thicket near the fields, and it is said that we can suppress haunting to the fields of the wild birds and beasts by establishing neutral area. In city, maintain such a neutral area (lose thicket);, for person keeping domestic animal, carry out business to support of the purchase costs of domestic animal to save.

 (in 2010, we closed offer.)


 Goat which is in the medium mountains promotion section is goat which participated in experiment as neutral area maintenance model. As PR ambassador of business, we are eating weed leisurely today now.Goat. JPG

[contact number]

The mountains promotion section forest out of Shizuoka City, forestry charge

Telephone 054-294-8807

Introduction of Aoi-ku ""iitoko" carrying photographic contest" "stamp rally"

H22.11.16 river photograph. JPG It is introduction of Events which Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi town development promotion section carries out! We carry out "portable photographic contest" and "stamp rally" which luxurious prize hits.

 In the prediction areas, "Oku-Oi" "Abe-Oku" "Oku-Warashina" becomes prediction areas in depths Shizuoka "Aoi-ku"! When you have you come to play, please participate in Events☆☆

 (I am sorry, but our Events is not intended for "Oku-Shimizu". Thank you for your understanding beforehand.)







(photograph is plateau scenery of ribaueru Ikawa!) 


(1) Aoi-ku "iitoko" carrying photographic contest

 You become PR ambassador of Aoi-ku and photograph familiar "iitoko" of Aoi-ku where you including scenery, famous place, Festivals feel with cell-phone, and you touch wonderful title, and please apply. Digital camera, local products gourmet hit when chosen as excellent work!

 [offer period]

 From Monday, November 1, 2010 to January 10, 2011 Monday (holiday)

 [application, application regulations]

For more details, please see  page of Shizuoka City homepage "Aoi-ku town development promotion section".

 (we move to detailed page of our Events when we click.)


 (2) Aoi-ku stamp rally

 Over the points which you installed in Aoi-ku, you mention local nature and history, and please taste local farm products and ingredients! As three kinds of stamps are installed in each place, you collect stamps, and please apply.

 [implementation period]

 October 11, 2010 (Congratulations!) - Monday, December 20, 2010

 (the application deadline must arrive by Friday, December 24, 2010!)

 [list of application method, stamp setting places]

  For more details, please see page of Shizuoka City homepage "Aoi-ku town development promotion section".

 (we move to detailed page of our Events when we click.)




 We look for Best spots of prediction areas → 100 selections of OKU-SIZ (we move when we click.)

News of "autumn Festivals" of the first anniversary of Mizumiiro carefree city opening on November 23 (Congratulations!)

Mizumiiro. JPG Agriculture and forestry product processing sale place "Mizumiiro carefree city" that opened in mountain village among clear stream and tea plantation and forests, Mizumiiro district of Oku-Warashina by car last year from Shizuoka City center of commerce for 25 minutes invited the first anniversary happily in November!

 We will hold "Festivals of carefree city autumn" to have all of you enjoy "autumn of Mizumiiro" with everyday thanks!

 We give carefree juice, wild plants tempura which we used seasonal vegetables for abundantly free!

 (we get ready a lot, but should be finished as soon as materials disappear.)

 Come by all means to enjoy blessing of Mizumiiro including artefacts such as fresh vegetables which we harvested in hometown and original product "fried konjac" "brown rice mochi pizza" "rice burger" "tortilla"♪


(photograph at the time of opening. Another one year passed with early thing.)


 [the date and time]

 From November 23, 2010 Tuesday (holiday) 9:00 to around 13:30

  (rain or shine. I'm sorry, but finished as soon as products disappear.)


 Mizumiiro carefree city (we move to detail of institution page when we click.)

 808-1, Mizumiiro, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi (we move to Google map when we click.)


 ●Sale of fresh vegetables, artefact

 ●Corner of father

 (well, well, what appears this time We have great favorable reception by great service every time.)

 ●Experience with mallet rice cake

 From around 12:30


 Mizumiiro carefree city TEL: 054-279-0766


 Please see blog "Mizumiiro story" of mothers of Mizumiiro carefree city by all means!

 (we move to blog when we click.)

News of Saturday, November 27 28th Sunday "industrial fair Shizuoka 2010"

fair2010.jpg We do it this year! Industrial fair Shizuoka 2010!

 "Industrial fair Shizuoka" is Events performing PR, guidebook of activity and special product of company in Events to publicize Shizuoka City and industry and sightseeing of the neighborhood municipalities, and to introduce on a large scale.

 Forestry affiliates such as forestry owners' associations exhibit from depths Shizuoka and publicize forestry of Shizuoka City while selling woodwork work classroom and wooden goods!

 Of course there are full of, in addition, various Events! Entertainer comes over, too!

 Would you like to come to "industrial fair Shizuoka 2010" by all means?♪


 [the date and time] Saturday, November 27, 2010, 28th Sunday 9:30-17:00 (on Sunday ... 16:00)

 [place] Twin Messe Shizuoka

 [sponsorship] Industrial fair Shizuoka executive committee, Shizuoka Industry Promotion Association


 ●About the details of "industrial fair Shizuoka" (when click, move to official homepage.)



Announcement of Minami-Alps Park Line (prefectural road 60) suspension of traffic accompanied with Ikawa maple marathon event

Momiji Igawa. JPG As Minami-Alps Park Line (prefectural road 60) others become suspension of traffic with Ikawa maple marathon event held on Sunday, November 14 in time, cooperation, please.

Suspension of traffic time
  And between 11:45 a.m. and 2:15 p.m.

Closed section
  It is section of Yagi Omata from Ikawa elementary school entrance
  The Shizuoka City side of Amehata forest road

※ Person going to the Yamanashi area, please be careful via white birch-so and Amehata forest road.


[, in Ikawa area, colored leaves are reaching the best time to see!]

You can see current state from Ikawa Information station. Come to maple-tree viewing by all means (you jump when you click.)!