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Of Kiyosawa district when was not, business was authorized for the first time most this this!


 When "I am not this this first business" to support for group of local residents to plan regional activation business utilizing local resources in the intermediate and mountainous area that started in this year, and to carry out.


 As this first business, the "making of village of Kiyosawa lemon" of Aoi-ku Kiyosawa district business was authorized on October 12!


 We say by cultivating lemon in Kiyosawa district, and developing new product using lemon in the "making of village of Kiyosawa lemon" business, and planning branding, and promoting green tourism utilizing lemon to plan activation local as new special product next to tea.


 It is long in coming that Kiyosawa district becomes full of tree and flowers of lemon.


 Please expect for future activity of Kiyosawa district!



Member of new communities support was decided.

Appointment notification grantWe appointed as member of Shizuoka City communities support toward three people newly from October 1.

As we go around district of everybody and support local promotion, we would like.

Umegashima district Masako Saito

Okawa district    Hiroko Shimamura

Ryo-Gochi district Masayoshi Mochizuki