Diary by new residents

Intermediate and mountainous area "OKU-SIZ" of warm climate and rich naturally comfortable Shizuoka City.
It is Diary by new residents lived as "emigration monitor" in the "OKU-SIZ" for three years from 2010 to 24.

Culture that there is trouble to live in strictness of Nature, but nature breathing plainly further, beautiful scenery, traditional tradition remain,
OKU-SIZ has fresh agriculture and forestry product which can feel relieved and warm person.

Such attractive place, person meet you easily.

We are absorbed in forest bathing and visiting spas in unexplored region of Abe-Oku, hot-spring village full of rural beauty.

We leave the position to wasabi which grew up in clear stream of the Abe River and historical Bon festival dance.

We fully thoroughly enjoy tea plantation and the history that are full of cool flow and green of the Warashina River.

We get close to flow of the clean Warashina River and traditional noh dance.