From Minami-Alps which the mountains of 3,000m grade affect in the north the south to Gulf of Suruga of depth of the water 2,500m. Ordinance-designated city "Shizuoka City" lengthening to north and south 83.1km has good approximately one hour and access by Shinkansen from Tokyo, Nagoya each. In addition, image of city that prospers for a long time as post town of Tokaido, and is famous as castle town of Prince influential figure Ieyasu Tokugawa is town having dark color.

It is such a Shizuoka City, but, in fact, the area of the city area is around 20% of the whole city, and people of 95% of population of city live a life here. Most of the areas of the city are mountain areas where rich nature is left. Here, traditional life is run in passage of relaxed time.

The crops and beautiful scenery such as many, Tanada and tea plantation of artefact made with hand and heart of people such as historical culture such as local special manners and customs or sacred rites, wasabi, tea still remain a lot there. In addition, they bring up rich water and food, and natural environments to surround them produce high quality wood, and support bread and butter of city from aspect of flood control, and beautiful scenery or hot spring bring ease and healing to us. There are attractive life and environment not to be able to taste in city if we extend a trip from city area for only 30 minutes, and people living there meet warmly.

We attach nickname of "depths Shizuoka" = "OKU-SIZ" to be able to have friendly feeling toward many people and, in Shizuoka City, publicize such an attractive area. Well, do you not become friend of "okushizu" enjoying charm of "OKU-SIZ", too?

Four areas of OKU-SIZ

We can divide "OKU-SIZ" into four areas from the topography, basin.


It is part of Oi River flowing through Shizuoka City, Kawanehon-cho, Shimada-shi of upper reaches. There are doorway of Minami-Alps of 3,000m grade, Ikawa district.


In upper reaches part of the Warashina River, there is Kiyosawa district, Okawa district. It is place of connection of "Seiichi Most Reverend Priest" said to be the founder of Shizuoka tea.


In basin of the Abe River bringing up outstanding *sui of the whole country, there is Umegashima district, O-Kochi district, Tamakawa district. There is hot spring with the history of open hot water 1700 and is famous as the wasabi cultivation birthplace.


There are Ryo-Gochi district, Ihara district of Okitsu River basin and the mountains of Yui, climbing a mountain district. It is production center of high quality tea which is often traded at high by trading debut of tea market.